Pilgrims Bounty is for cooking

Quick note (because the serious distractions are outweighing the fun here in Typhoon’s world) to remember that Pilgrim’s Bounty often has a wonderful method to quickly level your cooking. It starts now, from 25 Nov to 2 Dec, and ends with the end of the Blizzard 9 year anniversary event.

I did this about three years back on an Alt I no longer play, and as I have a few more that are hopefully going to be played again – I’ll be trying again this year as well.

So hopefully see you during that holiday where I’ll cook up a storm (ref, ref), maybe.

Hallow’s End – Free rings!

Update: The Petrified Band (str ring) is bloody rare for me. I’ve seen it drop twice in 22 runs. And watched as a Druid got the Plate Helm from the goodie bag. That is seriously stupid.

Hallow’s End should arrive soon (18 Oct), and that means we get the opportunity for a few “free” rings for our characters. If the same events and rewards hold there will be rings, plate helms, and agi swords up fro grabs again this year (see Wowhead’s old page and event page).

“It is over, your search is done! Let fate choose now, the righteous one!”

There is a chance I suppose that some items will not be updated, like one handed kegs from Brewfest were not updated. I’ll cry foul as that Plate Helm would be bloody wonderful for my Death Knight, even better if I can find a few of them for both tanking and dps roles.

It also might mean that given the switch in Scarlet Mon for the new instances that some other trash might be present, but probably not.

Boss Loot (please don’t be a total ass and roll on gear you’re not queued up for!).

The Str ring is good for DK dps, and might also be better for Tanking that what we have (especially after reforging), but in all seriousness it seems a dps item. I want that ring, a helm, and I’d take a Agi Sword so that I have a nice set for reforging.

Old stats:

Loot-Filled Pumpkin Loot

The strategy for the fight is very simple two phase fight, which repeats between the phases until either you are dead or he is.

  • Phase One: Kill the Horseman. The tank tanks, the healers heal, and dps nuke him back into the smoldering corrupted earth. You might need to avoid the fire on the ground, and even splash damage / AoE the adds so they don’t kill the tank, but generally it is an easy phase.
  • Phase Two: Kill the Head. The head detaches from the body, and the body becomes immune. It is in this phase that heavy damage is done to the head as your team chase it around the graveyard, and you’ll need to get through a few of the P2 sessions to get the job done.

Happy Killing, running, looting, and sharing.

Monday Zombie Testing

The result of Monday’s zombie testing was very predictable, you can’t do much anywhere at the moment.

– login to human newbie area with a new toon. Highly populated, but ganked by a zombie in under a few minutes. Logout.

– login to Stormwind, attacked by a zombie in under 35 seconds. Killed it, cured the infection, and logged out.

– login to Shattrath, exit Inn mount up, fly. Watch as under a minute later a zombie enters the Inn. Logout.


If I’d known in advance it was going to be this way, I’d have stopped my subscription for a month and returned when it was over.

Zombie Zerg Gank Fest

They’re everywhere. Brains, brains,…..etc. Welcome to Zombie Zerg Gank Fest 08.

Westfall was overrun by a nefarious pair – one was high level infected and the other was a high level druid. Basically the infected kept combating and infecting everyone, and the druid would cleanse himself but not others, and then kill them when they turned zombie bad. The high npc re-spawn rate kept the zombie chief ticking along, and the Druid seemed to know which one not to kill.

Basically you were stuffed if you went anywhere near them, and had to hope you got  back to your body quickly and run.

I know its fun, but it was a pain on the third go. I didn’t roll on a pvp (edit: I wrote pve by mistake) server for a reason.

That said, its a great thing to add to the game, and I hope Blizzard do more.

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