In a friendly guild, who should get the Legendary?

Update: Apparently the tokens/widgets for the legendary quest will drop randomly and all members of the raid will get them (heard it from a guildie who is a voracious reader). This makes the drama and selection totally moot. Legendary for all. Mains, Alts, everyone gets a shiny orange item.

The Legendary item in Mists will be something that every class can get, and every player will want it on at least one character. It appears that the quest / story line will be at least worthy of significant effort, and that guilds will need to prioritize which characters are up for the rare drops first.

Once again a choice must be made. The degree of severity and scale of that choice unknown at the moment, and I’m assuming that the drops will be rare enough that selection to receive them will be something worth considering, much like the random Fragments in Ulduar. I doubt the tokens will be as rare as the Eye from Rag or the Bindings from Molten Core. If so we have a really rare adventure ahead. Instead I suspect that these will drop with a low-ish percentage, so that guilds will get enough of them to progress as they kill through a raid.

The following has a very large amount of my personal opinion and bias build in. After writing it I came around to one question which is perhaps the best question to ask:

If it cannot be yourself, who else would you wish it to go to first?

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OMG – Battered Hilt!

After a day of a horrid headache, akin to borderline migraine material I jumped into wow to see what was up. A few guildies were off to do a 5 man and my somewhat noobish geared Pally joined as Ret. I was there for the odd drop, not expecting much.

We get a few waves into the ghosts of fallen heroes in the Halls of Reflection, and the Battered Hilt drops.

My pulse kicks up three times as fast, and we roll…

…and my god I won.

So now I get to choose what toon, and what weapon? It is a luxury of choice that I never really dreamed of having. I am really looking forward to the quest chain lore, the story alone kind of makes the hilt something worth raving about (so I’ve read).

I love my guildmates, and especially love the gods of luck who smiled today.

Honestly do not know what to do. Neither of my geared toons needs the item, and I would like to keep it with the Paladin as he won it. That means a good 251 dps sword.

Ulduar finally gets some Unhinged loving from me

dragonsteel-faceplateLatest news just in, our motley crew took me in with them to Ulduar 10m.

There was much success with Flame Leviathan (tank toys), Ignis (great fight for positioning), Razorscale (who pissed me off because of her damn wings), XT-002 (painful because of the voice), and Kologarn (discovered we needed two tanks…) all downed in night one.

We returned the next night and killed Observer Auriaya (the crazy cat lady) and the Iron Council (who were tough but so much awesome fun). I hope to see more dead bosses in the near future.

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