It’s quiet, too quiet…


I’ve been hiding from World of Warcraft recently due to work overload. A weekend of business report writing, amongst babysitting, and replacing a broken modem/router was enough to have me tuckered out. Then I had to work Sunday night. Blarrrg.

I have been sneaking in the odd TV fix though – I’ve added the Walking Dead to the mix of shows that I treat as a naughty secret from the rest of the family. When the house goes dark and the child is asleep the zombies come out. The Mrs and I watch Mad Men together and amid Don Drapers last escapade with a brunette with morals as poor as his own I started wondering how cool a cross-over would be.

The Walking Mad Men – a cool chic zombies, huffing cigarettes and booze between solid bites of brains and flesh (and because of rule 34, I found it already created online). Then Peggy and Dom brain storming how to really appeal and distract the undead, or perhaps how to make them eat the competition.

I can see Draper getting serious with a handgun and cleaning up his beloved city, if only due to his strong survivalist instincts, and loner tendencies.


Perhaps more sleep is needed. TyphoonAndrew.

Plants vs Zombies

Via a GeekoSystem feed, and from the folks at Rock Paper Shotgun, World of Warcraft – Plants vs Zombies….like in the game! Darn cool.

Incredible, awesome, and I’m still thinking this could be a hoax. Just because total-biscut did a vid doesnot mean its not 100% legit, or at the very least it might be a trick or bonus for the beta folks. But if its not a hoax, this would be a great way to swindle away serious hours as the raid starts. The in-game mini-games is something that is kind of odd.

If the WoW game is good enough, do we need mini-games?

Or if you’re paying to play wow, is this extra? Where is the line?

It would have to be phased though? Griefers watching the fields for new players might have a field-day.

And please tell me that their is a flight point, or inn nice and close, so I can bind my hearth to that Inn, and port back to play anytime.

Kids Guild Names

It tickles the dry and sarcastic part of my brain to think that an experienced player might get beaten into a bloody pulp by a 9 year old. I know that the under 18s playerbase is present and can deliver some very reasonable quality gameplay, and was pondering guild names.

I guess the question needs to be asked – is it a good idea to indicate that the player may be a child in the first place? Especially with a guild-tag? Probably something for their legal guardians to ponder, like everything else they experience in and out of game.

Some names might be:

  • <Primary School Raiders>, an alternate of Old School Raiders.
  • <My dad can beat up your dad>, just because its funny and an argument I hope still occurs.
  • <Have Parents will AFK>, playing on the popular guild on my server called Have Kids Will AFK.
  • <Picked Last at Dodgeball>, because these are the nerds of the future; but they’re still playing fun stuff like dodgeball, not serious sports.
  • <Baby Teeth FTW>,
  • <Mum Packs My Lunch>; don’t ask. This has very innocent meanings and very odd ones.

Happy killing.

I want to be an Airforce Ranger

The two starting areas are great, with a different feel to each; but this is gem from Howling Fjord is cool.

mortigen_jetNow that’s what the multi-seat Engineering flying mounts should look like! This wasn’t even a core feature of the quest, just a fantastic way to get to the quest location, you know: basic a-to-b transportation. No wonder folks are raving about this expansion. The eye candy as you level is excellent.

Today I’ve been a robot, flown in a jet, surfed a harpoon, trained and controlled a hawk, used the lifts, and rained fire down on a coastal village. Damn having to work tomorrow.