DMF adds new Heirlooms?

Ah what a good rumor – so much so I hope its true. Psynister Notebook is blogging that their will be new heirloom rings and legs added as part of the Darkmoon Fair. He has already written a comprehensive guide to heirloom items, and with these our alts and twinks should be even better geared. Or is that overgeared?

New Rings and Legs for 1-85 are most welcome. I couldn’t see the declaration specifically in the Wowhead post he’s referenced, but there are links to Rings and Legs within Wowhead, so it is not beyond the call at all (eg. New Tanking Legs). Far more likely than the next expansion being based upon Pandas at the very least.

Do we have enough Heirloom gear now though?

A typical character can be outfitted already in a brutally powerful set of items, to the point where they are typically well above the power of a character not using them. Now I don’t have an issue with this at all, but wonder if the plan is to eventually give us a full Heirloom set that is a matched style and function. Boots, bracers, added in, and then revise (or upgrade / trade-in) the older heirlooms to function from 1 to Max level.

I’d personally love to see it, and think that the slow addition of extra gear is another way we’re being encouraged to stay in the game. It is not a bad strategy – don’t over nurf the content or XP too much, but instead offer players a tool to accelerate through the content should they choose to. No free levels, but certainly fast levels.

It just remains to question what the currency for the heirlooms will be. I hope it stays as Justice points, but could see those pesky darkmoon tokens being used too.

I’ll be reading the patch notes specifically for that now.


This is Madness – woohoo!

darmoon-card-madnessA little late to be wonderful, but still something I wanted for a toon was another of the groovy Darkmoon Cards. This time Madness will be mine!

About 6 months of casual browsing the AH, and picking up the cards only when they’re a bargain.

Have to make a macro about Sparta now, and find the next Darkmoon Faire, which I think hits next week. Final cost was about 700-800g.

We All Missed Darkmoon

Captain America AvatarIt seems that the npcs of Darkmoon have taken March off; and I for one missed them. What ever the cause the game did not sync with the calendar in the last week or so, and there is much anger and spamming. Mine included. A good summary of the conversation here on Blue Tracker, and my post to ask some questions on the official forums.

What I dont get is that the Faire was planned for Elwynn forest. I was in Elwynn forest a few days before the 10th (scheduled start on the web) and it was not there.If it was a week early, then I’d have seen it. It appears it was not there at all due to some other issue.

I hope we can see a spawn after the reboot/maintenance on Tuesday. I am like many others, I have been waiting for a few weeks to turn in a deck for one of the trinkets; another month is really not good.

Also if there was a recognised issue of the calendar being wrong as the event happened early, why did they not update the calendar? Or announce it?

 For me that means another month of waiting to get the Vengence card, which is another month before I’ll have a jump in my stats for tanking. With a Kara raid planned for Friday, this is not good.

Update: The gist of the Blizzard Forum thread indicates that darkmoon will spawn after the shutdown on Tuesday. Yay! Thank you to Blizzard for understanding our frustration, and thank you to all the forum posters and bloggers for creating the buzz/hype/drama to get this done. It looks like Kisirani did most of the legwork on this one.