Curreny tab option I didn’t know about

There is an option in your currency tab to switch the things you’re not interested in to an unused category. I never knew this was there. Guess the patch notes are there for a reason huh.


I think it was shift+click to bring it up. Useful option. TyphoonAndrew.

Playing wow for gold? Nope


There is a spot-on post by Tobold which questions those players who play to acquire in-game currency (Optional Economies). It’s not that playing to get large amounts of gold is not a valid goal – it is; but some players do not care at all for the economies. It resounds for me as I am one of those players. Gold is just another token to get to the other end-goal.

With so much concentration on efficient gold farming and selling around, its good to see a blogger outlining that non-gold approaches are not silly. Playing for gold to me seems silly; I’d be better off working another job if I wanted to acquire extra money in my spare time. I don’t – I want to relax.