EgoP hates Warlocks. Good.

Did you know that Hannalore at Egotistical “hates” Warlocks; but in a good way imho. She hates us soul drinkers because we are selfish, evil, and a bit emo. Heeeeellllllooooo, its called Warlock!

To get even close to the Uber-Emo meter they would have to introduce an undead black-tinted fallen hero, who struggles daily with the path between good and evil. And thats not going to happen, not for weeks yet.

If you hate Warlocks Hanna, I can’t wait to see what you make of Death Knights. I love the haters, it pisses them off.

A few Warock powers get a mention, and the anti-Fear banner is dragged yet again into the post. My advice, get used to fear. Its staying and if you don’t like it go get one of the many trinkets, buffs and items that make it easy to counter-act. Fear is no longer the “I WIN” button it was 2 years ago. Continue reading