Windows x64 WoW issue is real

If you are a user of 64 bit Windows and have found that after the last patch that World of Warcraft is freezing and crashing – the problem is acknowledged and real.

The “Out-of-Storage” problem relates to memory usage in the view distance, and apparently a number of short term adjustments can be made to make the game more stable; until an actual fix is deployed (read the Blizzard thread via teh link below if you just want to get straight to the fixes). No timeframe for a propper solution as yet from Blizzard.

I had a grumble about the patch a few days ago, and this fits the behaviour that I’ve experienced since the patch. Such a shame that I jumped to Windows x64 for WoW, thinking that the stability of the x64 OS would make Warcraft a little more stable. Doh! has posted a short summary, and a full thread full of concerned (and probably happy now it is real) customers are watching the official thread on the forums.


PTR Setup process successful

I’ve worked out what to do to get the PTR running. Obvious to some, or a no-brainer if you’re lucky, but it took two goes for me. My first attempt appeared ok, but would crash every time when entering the world.

  • Firstly do not have more than one copy of the game installed. I used to run two side by side sessions of wow for multiboxing, and the PTR install auto-detects your wow location. For me that location was TBC but not Wrath enabled, so it piked when I tried to login.
  • Save the auto-downloader and the directory it creates in the same parent folder as your WoW folder.
  • When you run the PTR installed, run it from the Parent folder.
  • The updater will download a 750mb-ish patch, and then config it. Seemed to be a good sign that it found and would run the updater.
  • Don’t expect much help from the official forums. The advice from there is basically (a) run as Administrator, or if on Mac expect silence. You might need system / root access to install the PTR app, but that should not be any surprise.
  • I got pedantic about the process and clicked all the Finish buttons on each of the downoaders and updaters.
  • Don’t expect the loading page to have the PTR button enabled. Mine was not available, but I could run the PTR app from inside the folder. Look for a green icon.

Next step is some basic mods, and UI setup. Then some DK testing.