New look and theme, comments…

While WordPress is the best app I’ve experienced for blogging, I’ve had a reoccuring problem for a long time where people cannot post comments. Kind of frustrating as I love to know that things are useful, and the bloggosphere is driven by interaction and feedback between soapbox ranters. The theme is also a very clean and straight forward blog, with some advanced stuff that I’ll play with during the slow days.

So I’ve selected a new theme (thanks to the Automatic guys), reset all the comment options in the WP admin area, and will hopefully see less issues for the readers. If you happen to be one of the frustrated readers who would like to comment, but it previously didn’t work – please give it a try and let me know.

Old Tier gear and when to upgrade

Blessing of Kings wrote a good quick post on when to replace gear. It got me thinking that…

  • I’ll be breaking my 4xT7.5 set when I have at least 2, probably the 4 set of t8 or t8.5. Before then the bonus is just not worth it for Death Knights from what I’ve read.
  • A factor in that choice, but kind of an aside is a look at the Ulduar gear, and its mostly not impressive for Death Knights. Some of the weapons look great, but I really don’t like seeing Haste and Armour Pen on my gear. Pointless.
  • That said, I think we can get good use of the new and old Tier/gear items before the boss encounters, by using them to create special-sets.

I don’t need to be at the same hit cap on Trash as dps, especially if we’re talking about Heroic trash rather than Raiding trash. Or having an avoidance set for tanking as well as HP set. Those items, and even the old items we replaced with t7/7.5 can still be darn useful.

Tonight I’ll be creating a few strange/exotic sets. Maybe even one built for running low level toons through low instances too that costs less to repair, and has tons and tons of AP and Crit. I have a crappy crafted PvP set that is just filling up my bank, maybe thats the core of my “who cares” set.

This all goes back to being a Paladin and having a few Tank sets and some off-sets on the go at once. I didn’t miss those days, but then I kind of like the idea of getting more use from old-ish gear. Like recycling and re-use to help save pixels/bits and reduce digital pollution?

Nah, bullshit I know. Your thoughts? (have a read and comment at BoK too please)

How to comment, public service announcement

I get the odd blog comment that is nigh on inane, and mostly they get deleted without being posted. What on earth a screen-breather is thinking that the post would be put up, especially unqualified?

Good comments add or argue about the post in a way that is constructive.

Bad comments just criticise without offering any detail, or a better option.

I post this as a long time ago I grabbed several specs for the different classes I play, mucked around with them a bit to suit my choices, and then posted them. They are still the best source of hits, and best source of idiot comments I have. Recently I updated the out of date ones, and have even warned as a post edit that the spec are now out of date, and the viewer should look elsewhere.

Then you get junk like this:

Nosferatu: dude u’re a total retard that talent build for cat is a joke,try playing something that does’t require thinking so much

Now thats not clever, insightful, or offer an alternative. In fact it says that this player is looking for a really easy game, with little complexity, and I’d hazard a guess that English is his first language, but he’s yet to master it.

So don’t be like little Nosferatu here, post something useful.