Karazhan Bingo (funny)

Kara Bingo – A great lark that I wish I was creative enough to come up with.

Not so much in Kara, but when thinking back to so many Sunday mornings waiting inside the entrance to so many instances. Its almost worth crying.

I had to laugh – Warcraft Expansion 2

A few of the readers on Slashdot whipped themselves into a frenzy of apathy and opinion; which is typical of that lot.

However this was what I took away as the best of that conversation:

Warcraft Expansion is:…..

An alternative, high-end crack-cocaine for more advanced fiends.

Except with cocaine you don’t have to grind for 10 hours to get a “hit”.

Yea, usually crack ho’s only need 3-5 hours of grinding before earning enough for a hit.

Sounds great, but I’m not sure I want to do the quest line that unlocks that hero class. 😛