Will Kill for Beta Key

Beta or Blizzcon - both inaccessable from Aus

Well probably not kill, but I’d go close to the borderline of illegal to get something more interesting to muck about with in WoW at the moment. Some of the give aways are great from such folks as the Instance and Wowhead, but still probably not going to get me there.

I’d even follow a test script if such a thing was there, so I must be getting antsy.

WoW Code – show and share your passion

In an attempt to understand where players are coming from, here is a code for World of Warcraft which lets you tell folks about your passion. Who are you, your attitude, how often do you play, what classes, what levels, what style, etc.

Initially I was thinking of a Myers Brigs personality test to tell people how I’d rate them as players, but that is just making subjective judgments about players. Never good. So instead using this you can classify yourself, and tell others what you think you are.

Up front disclosure: this is darn geeky. Its akin to having an IBM monogrammed pocket protector in 1985, so if you’re one of those “chic” wow players I apologise – you may not get it.

Update: I ended up also creating that Myers-Briggs schema for classifying gamers – in a way to remove the terms Casual and Hardcore.

TyphoonAndrew is

N: Mortgen, M:DK75, Mb: 8/0/57, Mr: Dr,  S: Nagrand-Oceanic-Pve, G: Epilogue, Pvp–, Pve+, Y2005.6, D+C, Ori-ZG, TBC-Gru/TK, L+, RP+. :|,  V0.2

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