Cinder Kitten Pet go to charity

The Cinder Kitten pet (nom nom nom) is the most recent little gem being sold as a vanity item in the wow store. It’s cute, grants no mechanical advantage, the proceeds go to charity (Red Cross), and is high res entertainment.

More power to all involved I say!

Cinder Kitten by WoW Insider (nice job guys). Click for the charityWill I buy one? Probably not, but I love that these are around for the folks who like pets, and also that Blizzard-Acti keep the charity spirit alive.

If you want to cry about the fall of humanity have a read in the Ref link below – some of the comments really are made by the lowest scum our poor dilapidated race has to offer. No good deed goes unpunished.

Ref: Cinder Kitten pet sales to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief charity.

A modest charity effort – Iron Man Mode

Here is a tale of a group of gamers who are nutty enough to play popular games in Ironman Mode – that is using only 1 life. All so that folks will be chuffed, amused, and then donate to the excellent charity called Child’s Play.

“Clueless idiots playing the best games ever made…with only one life.”

Yup, they’re gamers being gamers, for a good cause. Go read about them – Iron Man Mode. Anyone who is willing to be that self deprecating is ok by me.