Penny Arcade perfection on WoW and the NSA


The Great Game by Penny Arcade is wonderfully perverse. They’re awesome.

Bloody typos.


Speaking of Bag space, Hats!

The math on the number of combinations of gear slots, bag spaces, and the server space needed to store it all is unknown – but would be a high number. Extraporlate the variance when reforging and enchantment is added.

Haberdasher by The Trenches (

I liked this Cartoon and the Trenches is worth a read.

We can show/hide Hats in WoW, perhaps this feature is even better – add many Hats.

Make your own cartoons

tanks in warcraft

Even though you might lack any drawing skill at all, and have little idea of layout – a great little tool is available for the budding cartoonists who wish to make an impression.

Stripgenerator just such a thing, and its fun to waste time on. All I need now is a good few jokes to tell – which the tool can’t help you with. Shame really I could use the help (see my junky strips below).

the more things change cartoon

Here is better quality versions –  Angsty Tanks in Warcraft, and some other thoughts.