Need more rage in your ride?

What is the pimped out Warrior driving these days? Maybe a 4×4, jeep, or even a hummer; but I bet they still feel that something is missing from the driving experience. And thats because they need to drive a Rage!

Rage badging This looks to me like the ultimate brand of car for a Warrior. Its all about Rage, the car is Red, and it even has action swishes to indicate how awesome it is. Continue reading

My new Mini

Today I picked up my new car, a Mini Cooper S in pepper white. Its a totally amazing drive, with so much stuff to make the geek in me happy. I have loved the look of the old Mini, and think the new ones are even better; so this is a huge deal, a dream car.

Andrew’s Mini Cooper

Digital readout in the dash, push button start, mp3 audio, and much much more stuff that I’m yet to discover.

I can’t wait to drive it at high speed to see what the full sports pack can produce. (/drool at the high res pic above…)