Best mistake p4.0.6 that I wish I knew

Here is a hotfix item in patch 4.0.6 which I wish I knew about before Blizzard patched it…

“Engineering Target Dummies are no longer able to taunt boss-level creatures”

Tell me that could not have been exploited in a wonderful manner. Drop a few target dummies, and watch the Tank’s head explode (this is bad behaviour). Or drop a few when your Tank dies at 1% and hope the dummies absorb enough swings. Source. Just say’n.

Would you roll Need or Greed on this?

After a badly timed death (what is a well timed death?) while zerging through instances with a mate on his 80 Death Knight and one of my 70s, the loot window appeared. Seems that there the possibility of an odd sync between your death and the opportunity to roll.

Need or Greed...Blizzard says no loot for you!

Need or Greed...Blizzard says no loot for you!

Now that is loot that deserves to go to a Hunter (Sorry Jez – the cheap shots are often the best).