Raiding like a noob

The fine folks in Insidious Nagrand-US (my guild) needed a 10th man for the end of some Dragon Soul hard modes, and I was lucky enough to be online at the same time.

Dragon Soul hard modes are just that, hard. Timing, patience, and a little luck are needed – and all the team needs to be pulling their weight. Like the previous tier a single screw-up can be very harsh, although I get the impression that the GunShip encounter has more tolerance for mistakes than the gimmick fights (…use magic button now…wheee…). Unfortunately due to not playing regularly for almost six months my character’s raid gear is far from the level needed for hard modes, and I didn’t know the fights well at all. I was under performing completely, and it frustrated me. Continue reading


Holiday Break, yippee

Once again I’m slowing WoW, and also slowing my online presence during the holiday season. Although the more perceptive amongst you will know that slowing from playing computer games from one night a week to almost none does not really change the speed by much. Its all relative I guess.

I plan to return to the Internet early in Jan, and take up the frozen gauntlet of Warcraft once again.

That, and also preparing a large can of anti-troll, to deal with the newb comments that I’ll encounter. I have a small hope that when the irate scrub talks down to me about being in pug-gear and a casual-newb, that I won’t mention a social life or family; as the poor idiot has no point of reference for either family or social life. I get the impression that some of the oxygen-thieves online true fantasy is a loving family and friends. And yes, it was a bad pug, but nothing I have not encountered before.

Every year we see folks going offline, and I’ve noticed that each year I write a small post about it, and then invariably I’m back playing like a mad man in the months following. So instead its a short post, and happy holidays to all.

Have a great break.