Panoramas and Banners for fantasy themed blogs


As a blogger I never seem to have the “right” image, and get tempted to hike images from anywhere. Well, shamefully I do admittedly hike them, but I try to grab my own, or take them from folk who are willing to give freely.

I found that “The Other Tank” Blog has compiled a batch of images which are perfect for bloggers to use for wow-related banners and panoramas. Even better he has supplied a batch of these in zip file shared via DropBox for anyone to grab. Darn fine work sir!


Happy Killing, TyphoonAndrew.


Three years of blog banners

If Warcraft has one thing apart from highly addictive games, it also has some fantastic artwork. And over the years I’ve cropped and copied a few to use as the header for this blog, or snapped screenshots in-game. Below is the 12 or so header art that I’ve used on the blog over the past 3 years of blogging.

Update: A few more, now over 4 years.

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