Aussie WoW servers at last

As of Tuesday maintenance the Oceanic realms will be moved to Australia. I ranted about wanting this half a decade ago! As reported by GamePlanet:

Blizzard announced the news tonight at a World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor pre-launch community event in Sydney.


For almost a decade, ANZ World of Warcraft players have played on US servers hosted in California. Select US servers were only categorised as Oceanic, and displayed Australian Eastern Time. The move to local hosting should significantly reduce lag for players in Australia and New Zealand.

The change-over will occur as a part of next week’s scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, October 28, local time. The Oceanic servers will be down for an extended window. When the servers come back online, they will be hosted in Australia.


Australian and New Zealand players with characters on other non-Oceanic US servers will be offered free character transfers to the Oceanic servers for a limited time.

Incredible that it is happening, but I have to say about time too. I’m excited by what that will mean for interactions where latency is an issue. The pvp improvements and impacts (assuredly) will be great. I’m thinking of the pve encounters where movement is needed quickly and accurately.

Heigan’s exploding slime floor in Naxx used to give people issue on poor connections, and there have been many fights since. I won’t blame Ultraxion as such, but it didn’t help.

Special thanks to UntamedHellCat for the Facebook PM with the news. So darn stoked.

Now where did I put my credit card and my two handed axe?

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Aussie WoWCast Bump

Here is a bump for an Australian Warcraft podcast – called Aussie WoWCast. They’ve just done a test cast as Episode 0 – at 7 minutes there is no reason not to listen.

Sound quality is cool, recording was fine, and plenty of content for a short Issue Zero. I hope we’ll see some interviews with Australian popular guilds, players, bloggers, etc. Given how much focus North America has in the WoW community, a bit of noise about this hemisphere is nice.

My only criticism would be to slow down while chatting; breathe, relax, and chill more. Always strange to have only one person speaking on a cast – which is why I think conversation is what really makes an effective podcast. The to-and-fro is excellent.