Tekkub is the man, for mods.

Tekkub makes great mods, and they are worth a look, even just to read the dev notes:  http://tekkub.net/

  • At the start of TekKrush, “And so it begins”
  • For TekLoot french version, “SAY IT FRENCHIE! SAY CHOWDAH!”
  • Random note, “Up, down, what do we care?”
  • Again in TekLoot Russian localisation, “In soviet russia addon localizes you!”

Seriously though, go take a look. Darn good stuff for anyone who likes a mod.

Guest on TNB Roundtable

Was recently invited to my first Roundtable on TNB – it was wonderful wonderful fun. Topic: Whatever!

The guests were of a particularly high caliber, and folks who I have read for a while (and I was chuffed to be asked):

Follow us all on Twitter: @stoppableforce @ladygypsy @theelitists @typhoonandrew and @daewin

We covered the following topics:

  • Masteries in Cataclysm, what are they?
  • Progressive “nerfication” of Raids (the buff that is being rolled out monthly)
  • The Purpose of a Guilds
  • The Perfect Random Dungeon group
  • Are Addons a Critical Tool or Crutch

Go download and listen, it was a blast!

Teksloot: great loot addon for 5 mans

A great addon created by Tekkub, called Teksloot – highly suited to 5 mans, but useful in any run.

The key feature: this addon will show you who has rolled Need, Greed, DE, or Pass, so you can watch items easier at the end of the run.

Q. But why is this great for 5 mans?

A. So I can see who is rolling need on the Frozen Orbs, and other stuff. No more folks rolling need and you not realising till later.

Also nice is that it makes the loot item frames a ton smaller, so they don’t take up the full screen. Great for when folks loot mid battle, and then your screen is covered in loot windows. In other news, I’m pretty much gong to announce at the start of the run that we’re rolling need on Orbs. Makes this easier too.