WoW Addiction taken seriously?

I came across the WoW Detox website while googling for odd stuff. There you’ll find comments by all range of people who are advocating leaving wow and reclaiming their lives. On first look it seems ok and normal. But on closer inspection I think the website may be a really odd subtle hoax.

In the middle of the homepage now is a White-on-black text based powerpoint fade, which my itself might be just a bad video. But the content is saying that getting outside and not playing wow will help resolve MOST the world’s woes.

Um, lolwut?

The GFC, World Hunger, Poverty, Endless Wars, Global Warming can be resolved by wow players quitting and running around IRL.

Its a challenge to yourself… Continue reading


WoW Addiction makes day-time talk show

Great site here with vids about a WoW player who is addicted, and how is girlfriend turned to a talk show to help him face the reality of what was going on.

Tyra Show Link

This guy ignores his screaming child while playing….”(warcraft) is what is ruining our relationship”.

First they interview the girl and ask standard relationship questions, explain her perspective and get a feel for the story. Then the second vid shows the CDs being shredded as a ritual to break the addiction.

Pity you don’t need the Cds to play!

Firstly if this guy is as bad as he is made out, then yep, he’s got a problem. Job (40 hrs) + WoW (40 hrs) + Sleep = no time for anything else.

Secondly if he’s on my server I want him in the guild! Dedicated guys like this are comedy gold.