Windows x64 WoW issue is real

If you are a user of 64 bit Windows and have found that after the last patch that World of Warcraft is freezing and crashing – the problem is acknowledged and real.

The “Out-of-Storage” problem relates to memory usage in the view distance, and apparently a number of short term adjustments can be made to make the game more stable; until an actual fix is deployed (read the Blizzard thread via teh link below if you just want to get straight to the fixes). No timeframe for a propper solution as yet from Blizzard.

I had a grumble about the patch a few days ago, and this fits the behaviour that I’ve experienced since the patch. Such a shame that I jumped to Windows x64 for WoW, thinking that the stability of the x64 OS would make Warcraft a little more stable. Doh! has posted a short summary, and a full thread full of concerned (and probably happy now it is real) customers are watching the official thread on the forums.