Would you roll Need or Greed on this?

After a badly timed death (what is a well timed death?) while zerging through instances with a mate on his 80 Death Knight and one of my 70s, the loot window appeared. Seems that there the possibility of an odd sync between your death and the opportunity to roll.

Need or Greed...Blizzard says no loot for you!

Need or Greed...Blizzard says no loot for you!

Now that is loot that deserves to go to a Hunter (Sorry Jez – the cheap shots are often the best).

Lets murder Topper McNabb

As a frequent AH farmer, I spent a lot of time in the Stormwind auction house. While there I get to experience the broad and often meaningless banter of the WoW community. You get that with an MMO, its generally OK.

toppermcnabbThere is one asshat that just won’t shut up, and can’t be put on ignore, killed, or even asked to shut up. Topper McNabb, or as I like to call him – that hamburger idiot.

My feature request to Blizzard is to be able to give Topper 1sp and he would actually shut up for 10 minutes. I’d be happy to pay this for the 30 or so minutes that I spend in the AH, just so that I can use the chat frame for CHAT. Not watching/listening to Topper McNabb’s verbal sewage.

Even better can I hire the Defias guys to “sort him out”. Getting him murdered would be good, actually seeing the hit would be pure gold. I think you could sell tickets to the event, so that the NPCs of WoW will kill him. And while they’re running around on a killing spree they can stop the kids too. Little mongrels should be locked up.

Heck if I could get a Horde on the Nagrand server to kill him I’d almost pay for that too. Is there a useless peon in Ogrimar or Undercity that whines like a bitch near tha AH too?

New mount for Shadow Priests? (silly)

A proud Shadow Priest will always want to let those around them know they’re Shadow.

What should a car look like when its Shadow spec?

What should a car look like when its Shadow spec?

Therefore the gear, weapons, and especially mounts should reflect that. So if a Shadow Priest player was looking for a pimped out car, they’d be all over something that had Shadow stamped on it.

The *cough* awesome Shadow Car after the break.

And a warning its no less odd that the Rage car found a while back which has very little to do with Warriors or Druid Bears.

Why is it that my eye catches words like Shadow, Rage, and such and pipes WoW straight into my brain…?

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pokemon-ballWe were having one of those silly discussion in the kitchen at work, when the something totally broken was dreamed up: PokéTamaCraft. Thats right, the ultimate in kids toy which combines the Pet management of a Tamagotchi, the pvp of a Pokemon and all in the flavour of the World of Warcraft.

PokeTamaCraft = Warcraft +Tamagochi + Pokemon = Win


  • pvp with your friends, folks on the bus,
  • spec your pets, just like the new patch
  • have  stable of pets, both Hunter and Warlock and perhaps even mage, Death Knight and Shaman pets
  • build it on iPhone so that the iStore will handle distribution, with a base fee and a low on-going payment model for updates and new pets and powers.

“Doomguard, I choose you”

“Oh no, he has the v3.0.8 builds already”

80 Reasons you’re not Hardcore

With the posts and comments about who is and is not level 80 (thank you Ghostcrawler and others), I’m feeling like a slacker again. Normally I’d have a crafty reason for being 74, but its just life at the moment. So much to do at this time of year.

This little issue is much like most rants and opinions spread around the internet – some folks like to be awesome, and others want to share the word about why they are not. Its a storm in a tea-cup, that needs some sarcasm.

Here is (the start of) 80 reasons you’re not level 80:

  1. you lost your authenticator at the last Trek conference, and the wow subscription is in Mum’s name
  2. the introduction of Death Knights has made you an Alt-a-holic
  3. you used all your ISP download quota on BitTorrent on the 3rd season of Dexter
  4. girl/boy friend acquired, or returned to town (screenshot it or it didn’t happen)
  5. warlock keyboard facerolling does not work since v3.0
  6. or you finally rolled a Warlock for the Subby pet, or a female Blood Elf and now just stare drooling at the screen
  7. just trying to to get exalted with Cenarion before leaving Zangamarsh
  8. budget can’t stretch to pay for Wrath after all the ales and wenches
  9. account hacked! all humour aside, I feel for you
  10. suspended due to ass-hat forum comments! I hate you, re-roll hello kitty now
  11. you’ve stopped to smell the roses (level slowly), and got hayfever
  12. developed a new phobia where you can’t ding a level which is not a prime number
  13. still looking for a healer for normal Ramparts, Nexus, or anything
  14. spent all your time reading blogs and not actually playing
  15. confused and intimidated by the new gear, so instead playing in Goldshire where its safer (well safe-ish, unless you count requests for 1st floor private encounters)
  16. several friends just signed up to WoW and now you’re a high level steamroller to help then powerlevel
  17. you can’t consider another MMO until you defeat the Fashion Derelict Boss in Barbie Online, and get your hairstyling skill to 450
  18. Spent all your time WRITING blogs and not actually playing
  19. Wasted time compiling your WoW Code because of TyphoonAndrew*
  20. Actually read quest texts rather than just hitting accept and looking at QuestHelper*
  21. Find reading Jame’s Leveling Guides more interesting than actually leveling yourself*
  22. Wasted time coming up with 6 more reasons I’m not hardcore*
  23. Noticed that TA lists your blog as pally-specific, wonder whether you should do anything about it and what* (hmm, ty Gwaendar – I’ll fix that. The Twisted Nether list has me in general, and a Paladin Tank used to be my main)
  24. you consider love > work > games, which is also why the guys at the chess association have stopped counting on you for midnight games
  25. in your industry the silly season is all about stupid deadlines and even stupider clients. silly indeed
  26. the Deeprun tram is the only instance you need for your hardcore gameplay. never mind what the final boss looks like
  27. the optimal build for AH farming only requires level 1 (and a few mods, and the patience of a stone)

I thought it would be horrid to make a list of the reasons you’re not 80, but its kind of fun. So feel free to add a few if there are tounge in cheek reasons I’ve missed.

I’ll add more as I think of them, send them in (marked with a * next to them)!

Need more rage in your ride?

What is the pimped out Warrior driving these days? Maybe a 4×4, jeep, or even a hummer; but I bet they still feel that something is missing from the driving experience. And thats because they need to drive a Rage!

Rage badging This looks to me like the ultimate brand of car for a Warrior. Its all about Rage, the car is Red, and it even has action swishes to indicate how awesome it is. Continue reading

Make your own cartoons

tanks in warcraft

Even though you might lack any drawing skill at all, and have little idea of layout – a great little tool is available for the budding cartoonists who wish to make an impression.

Stripgenerator just such a thing, and its fun to waste time on. All I need now is a good few jokes to tell – which the tool can’t help you with. Shame really I could use the help (see my junky strips below).

the more things change cartoon

Here is better quality versions –  Angsty Tanks in Warcraft, and some other thoughts.


A few good screenies, to stretch time a bit – which is what I do when affected by lag or loading screens:

ignore and pvp gankfest

This is the result of a few Horde folks wandering into Iron Forge with evil intentions. Good show chaps, I think you deserve a small reward and a corpse run. I arrived very late by chance, and only saw the Warlock, Mage, and Rogue get killed but get the impression that a stack of Horde must have initially been involved – because the boddies were everywhere.

Also in this pic s a great character name: Ignore. Thats great, better than my suggested pvp team name of <Reagent Vendor>.

diamon looking tough - grrr

And this shot from a Shadow Labs run, where I tried to look threatening to all the monsters at level 68. A few laughed, but then saw the 4x 70s with me, and when all quiet, and dead.

My little pony (pally distraction)

I had to laugh at an affect from one of the flying pain-in-the-neck wasps in Zangramarsh which gives you a tainted blood.

pinkpally.gif This slows casting and increases Agility, so for me its great; as all the stuf I use is instant cast, and Agi = dodge.

However it also gives your character a pink-ish glow, which when added to the Paladin’s gear looks totally horrid.

Now all the character needs is some cute hair clips and a love heart on the guild tabard.

Strange that it also poisoned my horse – thats strong stuff.