Legion flying (pathfinder), DK Mount, and Nightfallen rep Done

I’ve completed the Pathfinder achievement and gained flying in Legion. Crikey that was a long process – mainly due to the huge quest chains and the one required raid. I loved it regardless of the length of the quest chains as it felt a lot like a congruent story which was similar in style to what I would expect from a book or from  pen and paper rpg. I mean that to be very high praise.

I’m also very excited and pleased that is over. I don’t have time for alts but I am considering doing daily quests on one of my other level 110 characters to get and spend Order Resources; for gold. Would be nice to start Battle for Azeroth with a nest egg. It also makes alt levelling far easier.

I was also finally able to finish the DK class quests which grant the flying undead dragon, and also have got Exalted rep with the Nightfallen. The DK class quests are amazing! I think Legion was worth the effort purely due to the integrated storyline and class quests I’ve seen – and I’ve only seen the DK quest line and a little of the Druid line.

A huge week. Happy killing.