More WoW Round-up

  • Subscriber news – Polygon is reporting that WoW is back over 10 million paying players at the moment. That means Warlords of Draenor has returned WoW back to The Burning Crusade subscriber numbers. Fantastic. More players means more diversity and options. 3.3 million sales at launch.
  • Observation – Local Australian severs have made a huge difference in the game to me in terms of latency. No longer to monsters infrequently “stagger-jump” or rever to a place slightly when they are fighting. I love it.
  • Observation – It appears that the massive login queues are (mostly) gone too.
  • WoW’s 10th Anniversary event starts soon in Molten Core – see rant below… It contains foul language, so you’ve been warned in advance.

The armoury for Aussies and I assume all migrated oceanic players needs to be fixed. At present it does not work for players on many Oceanic servers. Blizzard has responded in the official forums to say they’re fixing it as a priority, but they’ve no eta as yet. That is shitty, but hey – maybe it is a hard problem to solve.

As for the Molten Core 10th Anniversary Event, well I’m angry. It is for level 100 players only and has a gearing requirement, and an expiry date. Below is a comment in the WoWHead blog post, and I agree totally. It is bloody stupid to end the event.

I assume they spent a fair amount of time writing and updating Molten Core for this, and it will get turned off? No! LEAVE IT THERE SO WE CAN HAVE IT ALWAYS.

Yes one post after I’ve snarked as whinging players I’ll whinge… It makes me mad that I’m now feeling rushed to get through the content to get a high level helm. What was the fucking point of quest-text if you want players to rush through it. Have players rush Alts. have pressure to see content like that again.

  • Will that break some ideal progression? No.
  • Will it hurt the raiders? No, in fact it helps alts.
  • Will it destabilise the economy? No.
  • Will leaving it open have any negative effect? Not that I think matters.

Leave the damn event there for everyone to enjoy. I love MC and want to see it at 100. I won’t because I level casually and slowly. I want to see it on Alts too.

This is one of the most moronic things they have ever done.

-Complain about the player base going through content too fast

– then release an anticipated event that requires max level one week after ex-pac release.

It’s fucking idiotic.

It matters not one whit that it’s going to last until Jan.  it could last till March, a large percentage of the player base is so impatient they will rush to max to do it and for Blizzard to not realize this just shows a major misunderstanding of their base.

It makes zero sense business wise and very little sense game wise but hey it’ll appease the short term profit guys who seem to have taken over this game.

2 thoughts on “More WoW Round-up

  1. “Will leaving it open have any negative effect? Not that I think matters.”

    It prevents people from subscribing six months after launch (or a year after launch) and doing it — Blizzard is trying to encourage people to subscribe *now.* They’re doing the same thing with things like Cutting Edge Feats, Garrosh Heirlooms, and the like — they want people to feel like it’s meaningful to stay subscribed and do events while current. Remember the Amani War Bear?

    “I won’t because I level casually and slowly.”

    I leveled doing every quest I could, reading it all carefully, hunting down hidden treasures. I hit 100 in Spires of Arak without even going to Nagrand. And I’ve still managed to MC do already. You have over another month to hit max level and do some normal dungeons/get honor gear. Unless you’re playing like 2-3 hours a week you have plenty of time.

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