Patch 6 around the corner

Well well, the new “shake it up and see how it flies” patch hits this week – and me still unsubscribed to WoW. Darn if home life isn’t getting in the way of a bit of fun. In previous expansions the pre-patch for the main event has always been fun. New special content for those still hanging around, and all new stats and powers to play with as combinations. I’m in no rush as yet, and even on release I think I’ll stroll rather than run into the world, take my time to have a look. Without the pressure of a raid team every game is entertainment in my preferred time. I like it. Somewhere in my Blizzard subscription is an unplayed D3 expansion too, perhaps I’ll smash a few Templar levels before deciding which character needs to be rushed to level 100.

I am looking forward to it though. A few nights a week of wow really sounds good at the moment.


One thought on “Patch 6 around the corner

  1. We were just talking of WoW this morning. I’m still paying for a subscription because I can’t bear to pull the plug. I miss it, much like I suspect a former smoker misses holding a cigarette with evening coffee or at a bar. But there is zero appeal to me right now. I’m tired of re-learning how to play my character every 2 years. I’m tired of everyone vs. Orcs.

    In other news, our apartment is gleaming, we are cooking actual meals for dinners, and I’m making jewelry again.

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