brilliant, a game in only 265 code lines

Doing a dev job elegantly and quickly is wonderful. It is something I rarely see. So when I read that a quasi-3d environment (by PlayfulJS – try the Playfuljs demo) had been built using just 265 lines of code I was impressed. After running around in the demo I was darn impressed. It might not be true 3d at all, but it still a clever emulation. Good enough for a game hack, yup, certainly. More please.

Think for a moment about how little code that actually is. A true credit to the 6-7 folk who put this together. The geeks over at Soylent also think its interesting, which is where I found the article; mind you a few seem to have unbridled hate for javascript too.


Nagrand and Caelestrasz realm merge, on 12 June

This time they probably mean it. Be good when I return to WoW

The following US realms have been scheduled for connection on Thursday, June 12.

Azuremyst and Staghelm

Drenden and Arathor

Duskwood and Bloodhoof

Nagrand and Caelestrasz