Whats the go fella, where you been?

Well heck, another period of life where playing WoW (or any game) means logging in, checking mail, doing the odd transmute, and then getting back to whatever is urgent IRL.

I don’t mind life being busy as most of it is great stuff but I miss the folks a little. To the guys I banter with, you’re not forgotten.

My little warlock is level 89.5 and I’m really keen to get to 90 soon and look at ow blisteringly difficult the green fire quest is. I was a Warlock in the original game, and played Warlock heavily in TBC. The idea of green fire has always been an uber sexy wishlist and it is really the only reason my warlock is being played.

I’ve read that an item level of greater than 470 makes it more plausible, and after 500 it is muc easier. That makes sense, but it also means I’ll be burning dungeons and lfrs to gear up and I was hoping to avoid too much of that. Ah well, expect to see my noob Warlock in your LFR run. I’ll be in the back with the disturbing smile and the goal to win on threat.

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  1. DUNGEONS?! Like, 5-mans? Timeless Island tokens ahoy! 496 gear in most slots… grab a TI weapon with your first 10K/20K coins (not sure if there’s a 1H a ‘lock can use). Celestials weekly, even at sub-90 levels (I had 2pc tier on my L10 auction alt at one point before I leveled him). Ordos weekly if you have a cloak anywhere. Once you’re high enough iLvl (should be once those are done) grab the Heroic Scenario quest for the guaranteed 516 (and pray for a weapon). Grab the guaranteed Burden from the chest on the Island and boost a nice slot (I usually go head if I haven’t gotten a better one).

    That’s my process for a fresh 90 and at that point they’re usually in the i500-505 range even if they haven’t been lucky with world bosses. Zero LFR. I can’t personally speak to the difficulty of the fights for the green fire quest (I gave it a quick shot one day ages ago but was having issues with the invisible maze and ran out of time, never did get to any fights that I can recall) but if i500 is good enough you should be able to get to that point quickly without having to farm random content for gear.

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