WoW US Realms Nagrand and Caelestrasz to join soon

Well finally some great news for Nagrand US. We are to be merged with Caelestrasz, where a few of the folks from our Nagrand server went to. So I basically get to have twice the alts and still be on the same realm as my friends.

Blizzard +1, awesome work. After my recent rant about Nagrand not having a plan I feel like a direct whine was addressed. Very impressed.

When? No idea, but after 4 April at least.

Happy killing folks!

5 thoughts on “WoW US Realms Nagrand and Caelestrasz to join soon

  1. Good luck with your connection. My two smaller servers are being connected soon, too, both to pretty similar-looking servers in terms of size/type/faction activity. Seems like a good start…

  2. Coincidentally, one of my servers is in the other pairing happening on Apr 10…

    I have no idea if it’s related but I’ve noticed somewhat of an uptick in AH sales lately on that server. Wonder if people are coming back in anticipation of the merge… wouldn’t have expected noticeable impact of that type but I’m not sure what else it could be, it’s been impactful enough that I don’t think it’s just random fluctuation.

  3. Well, my to-be-connected-on-Apr-10 server is now in the same “eventually, once we get to it” pile with my other server… so I haven’t had a connection yet. Did yours happen?

    (also, the AH thing seems to have been random, bit of uptick in bags, probably players from the other server creating toons on mine to get a head start on the merge and being able to have more than 11 on a “server”)

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