WoD release dates…yup. Told you.

Multiple sources tell me that WoD will be released for WoW on or before 20 December 2014, or “fall” in the USA. So anytime from late September (doubtful) through to Christmas (hopefully not that late). Sheesh, I was thinking about July. Ah well, many other games to distract me.

We can now also pre-purchase from Blizzard, and get a “free” level 90 boost. What the hell?

I can pre-purchase a digital version…why is that even a bloody option worth doing? It is digital. It gets “shipped” to you when you click the payment button. Oh, right, the level 90 character which can’t level past 90 till the new expansion launches at least 6 months later; probably more like 8-9 months later. I’d suggest that a 6-9 month window is plenty of time to level a character, and as we are going to get a gear squish most items will be of little benefit.

I guess you might farm the heirlooms in Siege, to help you level? But you can farm them on a 90 now – you don’t need the boost.

You could level to 60 and get some free professions later with the bump? Not really 6 months of game time there.

So some time in the next 6+ months I might pre-purchase, but for now I’d rather have that money in my wallet. This really has a funny kick-starter feel to it; cash now, game much later.

Oh, and I just have to say this because I’m a bit snarky about all the drama it caused – to those folks who were “building up” to raiding in WoD… go hard. Go soft, go whatever way you can because you’re in for a long wait. You’ve got 6-9 months more to get those kills. Months ago I said it was a bloody waste of energy to try and recruit players “for Warlords” as it would be too far away. With the news today I’m almost certain nobody has a roster of players that will be certain to be playing and at level 100 in 9 months.

Happy waiting, TyphoonAndrew


3 thoughts on “WoD release dates…yup. Told you.

  1. On the other hand, for someone who isn’t raiding but is looking to get into it (either now or is planning to in WoD and wants to trial some guilds), they will find more raids looking for bodies than at any time in the last 18 months. It probably isn’t a good time to recruit (many recruiters, few identifiable recruits) but it’s a really good time to be among the potential recruits.

    And with flex extending to normals (/heroics) in 6.0, that’ll add some useful flexibility in planning for WoD… recruits can be brought in with all of the regulars, no having to shift players out. If they stick, they can actually stick vs having to be benched and waiting for others to drop out or to be rotated in. It’s not trivial, recruiting for raids will always be a pain in the ass, but I’m hopeful it’ll be less of a PITA than it traditionally has been going into a new expansion.

  2. Very true, I wasn’t really expecting many people to be starting their run at raids this late. Although we have a few people returned who might be interested. Hmm.

  3. For what it’s worth, all of the flex runs I was running (either regularly or occasionally) a few months ago have stopped running, they’re either not running or moved up into normals by now… you may find there’s a hunger/market for a reliable flex run if you wanted something relatively low key and don’t have one going currently. That’s actually what got me to start hunting out a temporary raid to run with, I was happy running flex a few times a week but once those stopped it left a complete void and after a few weeks I got the itch again. Could be a similar situation happening where you’re from…

    (and that could mean looking for newly-orphaned flex runners for a normal run or bringing back a flex run if you haven’t been lately to satisfy that potential need… or both, I suppose)

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