That WoW WoD Teaser and 90 Boost Video

The Warlords teaser is good. It shows the theme, and gives an idea of what the objective is. I can’t say it is not frustrating to see Garrosh’s profile at the end, as being gibbed a kill of a major bastard is not at all good, but the lore is the lore, and this is the New Cannon. I waited a long time to kill Topper McNabb, I can wait again.

As a teaser it is not even close to the hype for me that Wrath of the Lich King gave. Go back and take a look. Oh and Illidan saying “you are not prepared” was chilling.The Cata had a better teaser in terms of hype level. But time will tell. We have the time. Perhaps the actual launch video will hit it out of the park. Blizzard have time too.

I want it to be better than this, I’d love to be a fanboy again. Hit it out of the park again Blizzard, I’d forgive almost anything.

The 90 Boost video – Its kind of clever and quirky. But it’s an add. And it felt like an add.

Take your $USD60 boost elsewhere Blizzard, I’m not bloody interested.

How about a realm merge instead?

TyphoonAndrew (grumpy)

3 thoughts on “That WoW WoD Teaser and 90 Boost Video

  1. I’m finally in a position where one of my servers is scheduled to be merged with one other one of these days… oddly, of my two low(/med occasionally) pop servers, it’s the one with more time spent in med territory that’s being merged. I’m both looking forward to and dreading the merge, I don’t mind that that server in particular is pretty quiet and I’ve done quite well for myself over there but I’m looking forward to seeing what happens post-merge. Has a bit of a family reunion vibe to it when the gang hasn’t gotten together for 10 years.

  2. The merge activity is really interesting. I’ve listened to people who love it and others hate it as they liked a quiet world. I do like the idea of having far more bank toon. 🙂 I like alts.

  3. Some like, some hate? My family reunion analogy is still in play, then. 🙂

    On my OTHER server I could see making more toons on that combined server but on the one that’s actually connecting I’d have little use, I spend very little of my active playing time over there. Still, never say never…

    And yes, I’m an alt fan myself. Only problem is the more I have, the more I feel obligated to spend some time and attention on. It’s a wee bit of a vicious cycle, that.

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