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The current Blog Azeroth Shared Topic – Background Music is on now (8th to 14th Feb), and its something that factors into how I play.

  • When leveling the first times through anywhere I’ll have the sound off, unless I’m totally solo’ing. When solo’ing I like the music.
  • As above for instances, when in them for the first few times I won’t use the sound so I can concentrate.
  • Solo’ing old instances I try to remember to turn the sound on.
  • If I’m not listening to the music, I’m listening to Podcasts, both WoW related and all the other odd podcasts I like.
  • If I’m on vent I’ll not have the sound on, but sometimes will have both my earbuds from my phone in so I can hear podcasts or different music, and also my gaming headset. It means there are a lot of cables around, but during a heavy wow session I don’t move much.
  • The music I’ve been listening to recently is some of Wagner’s Ring Cycle (an opera), and some 90s grunge music. Both styles are the music of my youth.

Happy killing, TyphoonAndrew

6 thoughts on “Background Music – Blog Azeroth Shared Topic

  1. Very nice! definitely, especially when raiding i had to turn off the default WoW background music, so i can concentrate on the boss sounds and alerts for sure. so i left the sound and ambiance on but not too loud either. Nice songs your listening too. very interesting on opera one. thanks for sharing your views on it. =)

  2. Some lovely anti-semitic notes running through that opera – wouldn’t be my choice, although The Valkyrie is quite jolly. Certainly an interesting choice ^^

  3. I don’t want to get into a discussion on Wagner’s anti-Semite attitude. It is moot to me, as I am listening to the music, and I do not understand the German enough to care. I know he did write some poor things in his day publicly and also in his operas, but I also think we do not know if he really hated Jewish people, or if he was a product of his era. Valkyrie is one of the best, but Rhine Gold and Gotterdemurung!! are my favourites.

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