Who should pay for Guild Vent and Website?

I’m angry about a guild issue, and venting on this blog seems appropriate. Normally I don’t publish guild stuff because it keeps the morale higher and most people don’t need to know. However this scenario is guild wide and I suspect something that other guilds face frequently too.

Basically who should pay for a Guild’s out-of-game services?

e.g. Ventrillo, or whatever voice chat, or the website, or hosting, or whatever.

For our guild the cost of these services has been paid for primarily by the guild officers, with a few donations from some players along the way. I took up the Vent costs a while back from another Officer who had been paying them for years. Another officer has paid for almost all our other web hosting services for many years. Recently I decided that paying for a service that I almost never used was pointless, so I asked for donations and/or other solutions.

I think there has been three donations since then. Not even close to enough to cover any one service, let alone Web and Vent.

A few players stepped up to discuss it, and a few made donations. I really appreciate the time, effort and donations of those people.

The other 12-15+ people in the guild who raid 3x nights a week and use Vent all the time have given nothing. They turn up, raid, and go.

The vent server will stop working any day now because I’ve stopped the account. We are discussing options, but without donations the costs just pass to another of the officers who is being too generous with his money. The silent majority of our raiders who use the service have not helped at all.

I’m angry that others have not donated.

I’m disappointed that other raiders don’t care enough to help.

It would take about a cup of coffee a month from each raider to pay for all our services easily. In fact we’d probably have huge amounts of cash left over. It could be one coffee every three months from each of them and we’d still be fine.

e.g. 20 raiders x $3.50 per quarter =  $280. Even if I exclude the few folk who have already donated or already paid up regularly we could still have just less than $200 to pay for this stuff.

So I have to ask – who should pay? I guess I expect raiders to contribute, but most do not.

Is that view unreasonable?

It is reasonable to be in a guild and never contribute to any of the out-of-game costs?

Should the officers or GM alone pay for all the extra services?

My advice to others is to think about what you are using, who is paying, and what you get out of it.I’m done paying for others to raid on my dime.

Kill everything and loot the corpses, TyphoonAndrew.


11 thoughts on “Who should pay for Guild Vent and Website?

  1. I paid for the vent some of the time, until someone else did, and I paid for the website. However this was a little guild of friends. Other guilds either have tried to find some kind of free way to get it or have donations on their webpage, but like everything it is ALWAYS the same people who do contribute in any way. I am one who buys webhosting, etc because it interests me and I like to feel involved, but it certainly would make me upset if I was one of the only ones who was paying for it while others did not, however that would also be my mistake because I am too nice and let things like that go.
    I believe everyone should contribute in some way, and I understand not everyone has a job or is made of money, but our common ground is WoW and therefore you should do something. Turning up for raid for guild progression may reward you with loot, but helping out with mats for cooking or glyphs, chants anything can be just as helpful.. sadly some people don’t want to make any contribution whether irl currency or not.
    If I was stuck paying for something I didn’t use and no one would help, I’d put the donated money towards the next payment, and make up whatever is needed to, and then say once that’s been paid let them know unless more donations are received, the vent will stop working because it doesn’t get paid for by itself. They’ll soon realise that you weren’t kidding and someone will do something if it is that important to them – sadly though that someone is likely to get stuck with it much the same way you are!

  2. That’s is exactly what I did in this scenario. Advised the guild of the situation a while ago, asked for thoughts, kept them advised of the end day, and then cancelled it recently.

  3. Some people don’t do anything unless you almost have to light a fire beneath them, and even then sometimes they just sit there roasting for a while hoping someone will put it out…

  4. In my experience it generally ends up being the officers who pay. That’s one of the cool things about the Enjin forum model though – a built in payment facility for anyone to contribute to the cost of a paid service whether it’s a $5 or $50.

    I think officers end up paying because they are the kind of people who are more invested and more willing to shoulder responsibility – that’s why they end up officers, well mostly anyway heh.

  5. I know I paid for the hosting and vents for my guild for almost 5 years with very few donations. So it can be a pain in the butt. I think every should contribute if they want those functions however blizzard did out in game voice capability ( I don’t know if it still works!?) and really forums can be cheap and nasty or even free if you use something like Facebook now.

    I think a lot of people don’t realise the costs involved and I don’t really think it should come down to one person having to shoulder the burden the entire costs. Unfortunately guilds are designed in such a way that a few people lead it.

    I am not sure we are even going to pass our trial in the guild, so if we do I know we will donate money, as we always have since we stopped running our own, but I think that is because we understand the pressure of running a guild.

    Not anything useful I know, but just some thoughts 😉

  6. Thanks Dragonray. The cheap and nasty stuff often feels just that, and I’m keen to see more banter on the forums rather than less. Ah well.
    I don’t think you’re in danger of being kicked (because only I can do that), but the guild has to be right for you guys too.

  7. We’ve had a few small and one huge donation to get the voice and such running. Excellent.
    A team speak sever is now commissions and available for testing by the guildies.

  8. Speaking on behalf of the multitude of folks who hadn’t previously given this much thought… well, I just don’t think most of us had given it much thought. I’ve always felt, when I use vent, that I’m using someone else’s vent, even if it’s for the guild I’m in, that they purchased it for their own reasons… I’m in for guild activities but rarely otherwise. I’d been toying with getting my own vent for my own purposes but never hit the level of need required to pull the trigger.

    Back when I did the guild thing if anyone footing the bill for vent or the website or anything had requested help, I’d have helped… but nobody ever did. Hell, I’m quite positive I don’t even know who would have been paying for those… I recall one guild used a vent “owned” by an ex-guildie who hadn’t played the game in years but apparently kept paying the fee… that’s the only example that comes to mind where I had any idea who was paying the actual $.

    Also, anytime I joined a new guild I’d donate a significant amount of gold to the guild (50K for my last guild joined, back in Wrath, if memory serves), which may or may not have been more useful than a few bucks would have been.

    It’s a murky situation but for anyone out there who’s in that position and is looking for some financial assistance… well, ask. What might seem obvious to you likely isn’t for the oblivious horde (or alliance, as the case may be).

  9. A great post and probably something that most guild members don’t even think about.

    Have you checked out Mumble for guild comms?
    I think it would be a better option than TeamSpeak and I believe it costs the same.

    I don’t know what can be done about the Guild Website. What’s the traffic like to the site? Though I guess the big sights that specialise in guild websites that have forums, etc ready to go are easier than building your own site.

    If people are financially assisting the guild with real money does that affect your ability to kick them from the guild? Pretty harsh to boot someone when they are putting in. Perhaps it should be the officers responsibility to cover the costs – this doesn’t stop people from donating of course, or prevent the officers from asking for donations. I think a lot of the big guild hosting services have donation wigits or what ever those little clicky button things are called.

    However you do it, I believe fund raising should be part of the duties of the officers (or whoever runs the guild) just like it is in any other not-for-profit run by volunteers.
    That said I don’t fancy your chances of getting a Bunnings sausage sizzle going to fund your local WoW Guild ;-).

  10. Good thoughts Gav,
    I’d not thought about what happens if we kick somebody from the guild and they’d payed for part of the service. I assumed that most people would give only small amounts, and therefore not a huge deal to miss (that said, one guy gave AUS $80).

    We did ask for donations, but it wasn’t acted upon until we turned off the old service. I think that speaks to the exact type of motivation that some people need, which is a shame.

    In terms of apps we tried all the regulars like mumble, vox, gameraid, teamspeak, etc and ended up on teamspeak3 as it was priced well and the service has a lot of flexibility for updates.

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