What will be the Legendary in Warlords of Draenor?

Update: It is a Ring

I’m curious what will be the Legendary in Warlords of Draenor. Not if there will be one, but what item. I’ve already seen rumours that there might be two items up for grabs, and much discussion – perhaps one which will be like the People’s Cloak of Everybody is LeetSauce, and another as a much harder to get item, or an item which requires dedicated effort in Heroic or better raids.

Lets just push the us vs them, casuals vs hardcore, its not fair, and waste of dev hours discussions to the side for this post and enjoy some speculation. I’ve bloged some snarks about the Legendary before, but I’m holding that as an aside now. This is about what will work going forward.

The opinions of the Mists of Pandaria legendary quest chain has mostly been positive, and those who liked it tended to really like it. With that in mind I think the designers will again seek to tell a lore heavy story as the background to a Legendary item and achievement. I’m all in favour of that. It worked for me as a roleplayer and as a gamer.

Please make it link to both the history of the realm and the current story which is unfolding. Add some hooks which are quasi-role specific, like altering the challenges for the roles the characters might take (dos vs tank vs heals doing different things). And despite the fact I hated it the link into repeat raids and grinding drops is something that I think needs to stay too.

Konachan.com---100777-blue_eyes-blue_hair-elf-green_hair-long_hair-short_hair-weapon-world_of_warcraft-yao_renIn terms of gear slot the Necklaces, Rings, and Trinkets look to me to be an obvious next step, but any slot really could be used given that there were many versions of the final legendary in MoP to suit every spec. I think a trinket could be something really special. The lore aspects of many other games in having an uber-powerful-widget that enhances the characters matches a trinket very well. Say the a Ever-burning-vial-of-demon-blood which was going to be the thing which corrupted the Orcs, but instead is re-purposed into a trinket for our hero to use against the Warlords.

I saw a suggestion for a Helm but matching a helm to look right to all the other armour styles will be a bitch, and I cannot see that happening.

Another suggestion was for a Shield and as it would be useless for all the non-shield users I think that gets shot down quickly. Likewise I don’t think we will see another range weapon as it is too class specific. I’d love to see a weapon again, but I agree with many folks who have said that we have had many weapons before.

Happy hunting, and may all your legendary grinds be quick and uneventful.

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3 thoughts on “What will be the Legendary in Warlords of Draenor?

  1. Legendaries have always had a particular look… the cloak perhaps less so since, as you mention, it kind of has to coordinate with anything the player might be wearing.

    Still, I think that being able to visually tell that someone has a legendary is something that’s important enough to the devs not to be ignored so while I would love to see a legendary trinket, I don’t think it’s likely, nor a ring/neck/bracers (you can tmog bracers but far as I know they aren’t represented visually on your character).

    I think weapons are unlikely as the community legendary, once anyone can get them, too many groups will require them, that’s too important of a slot.

    It’s unlikely they’d pick a tier slot (based on the current 5 piece system) so that rules out head, shoulders, chest, hands and legs. Ruling out cloak since it’s been used, that leaves boots and belts. Boots often can’t be seen well or at all, especially under robes, so my vote goes to the humble belt if it’s based on current gear slots. Which feels even less legendary than a cloak.

    So, I think we’re going to get something entirely new… call it a legendary slot. Some sort of modifier… instead of having specific stats and replacing a piece of gear, it’ll work like those amplification trinkets, it’ll just boost your overall stats by a certain amount or will add tertiary stats or similar. It’ll also change your look in some way… colour scheme (especially if they’re implementing any sort of gear customization beyond tmog), or a bit of a glow, or something along those lines. Maybe it’ll include a full tmog, although you’d have a lot of players running around in identical items in that case so probably not. Perhaps just a special weapon glow to replace or enhance the weapon enchant, if we still have them. Not sure how well this would go over with the masses but I think I’d prefer this to a belt.

  2. Good point about the visual queue of the Legendary. It might set a precedent that each xpac will have a legendary if they add a gear slot for it though. That creates a high expectation. Granted they have does a Legendary in every xpac so far, but it will raise the bar significantly if they do that.
    I’d like the transmog considerations to be boosted for WoD anyway. Something like a saved image, rather than a saved gearset for transmog.

  3. WALL OF WORDS!!!! INCOMING!!!!!!!!!

    i think that it could be a legendary for any armor slot here is my theory on the matter we have many weapon legendarys each one has a class which can equip it so this is what i say we have a legendary weapon for each and every class JUST not one for each spec the hammer val’anyr for healers ALL healers priests shamans paladins (i think druids) and monks can use it check wowhead ive seen the legendary weapons each class has one they can use thats class specific to certain classes and specs the capes however had a legendary for EACH spec so next xpac instead of making (another weapon) i think they will make a armor piece trinket necklace or rings cape i doubt because we now have one for all classes and personaly unless they make it NOT proc for max level with how its legendary proc scales with your stats check wowhead Gong’lu strength of xuen for example hits an enemy for 1 (20% attack power) hit every 0.3 seconds for like 3 seconds so if you have a TON of attack power i can still see that cape being used with OP item stats attack power stat gear making your flurry deal massive damage i believe maybe making up for stats of new cape sure your stamina and such may drop the flurry can steal dish it out making you “glass jawed” you can dish out a TON of damage but cant take as much cause (stamina drop from using old xpac cape) that being said i still see healer cape tank cape caster cape and mellee and ranged capes being used regardless also the new legendary may add to the power of current legendary for example

    shadowmourne gong’lu strength of xuen macroed abilities to cancel chaosbane aura the flurry in a massive fight can make shadowmourne proc up to MULTIPLE TIMES! the more enemies the more spam chaosbane release dealing 2k damage if next legendary adds attack power that would increase xuens flurry by however how much you have in total 20% attack power damage to enemy about 9 times in 3 seconds O.O lets say you maxed attack power now imagine that 20% of it 9 times in 3 seconds now if i use shadowmourne in current xpac now 5.4 with gong’lu strength of xuen in current gear i can deal 95M damage in 10 mins not to bad at all next xpac if nothing changes but new shiny powerful gear and new extreme legendary id fuse em together in 1 set and see my dps sky rocket again NOW this is all theory but weapons we have for each xpac finaly got back armor was only 1 necklace back in vanilla however was removed sadly from the loot tables 😥 if its an entire armor set helm legs boots gloves belt chest shoulders all of it THAT would be cool imagine having entire armor set of orange gear O.O

    sorry it wasnt perfect aint very good and making sentence marks and such…but its readable!

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