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“What is dead my never die”

It has been another fast and tiring few weeks around the TyphoonAndrew household, with far too much non-gaming malarkey. That does not mean that nothing news worth happened, but gosh darn it – I can’t give my usual degree of rant on the topics.

Here is a rapid fire round-up of some things that I thought to blog in detail about, but won’t get time to.

Should characters be scaled?

At best, make it an option. No way I want this as a forced change.

If you want it to be forced and no choice to stay high level then I can agree to disagree with you, and then also decide that you really must be a tad selfish. Games can be about fun options, and it should not totally destroy an existing fun to crate a new fun.

Blizzcon News and Gossip

Frankly I’m beyond caring about Blizzcon, particularly where getting the information asap from the showroom floor is concerned. Australians are far too far from the noise and splendorous hype for me to worry about being current.

The general buzz is about the DOTA style game they are ramping up, but I really hope we do get an expansion announcement and then details about it.

Without one it feels like the end of Mists just sort of ends with a whimper.

Blackthorne can be downloaded.

I have no idea what it is (was) or it if it is worth downloading.The screenies I fond make it look like a side scrolling action game. Cool for some casual kicks.

92649-Blackthorne_Original_Install_(1994)(Interplay)-2This is a PC only distro, and kudos to Blizzard for making the game available. Fans appear to be happy this tidbit has been released, and appear to be asking for other games like the Vkings, Warcraft 1 & 2, and all sorts of other stuff. In time who knows.

Should there be another People’s Legendary?

Hell NO!

  • Keep the quest-line, it was great. Add more.
  • Keep the incremental rewards. Fantastic idea. Add more.
  • Keep or even add more items to be gained this way. The community love them.
  • Keep the link into the wider story. It made the effort make sense. Add more.
  • Stop making the rewards Legendary. Make them Epics.

Think about the discrepancy between the words used to describe these items. The epic is just that, epic. It takes effort, is a huge reward, and everyone can strive for it. A great example is the Battered Hilt quest from the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It was exceptional. It made sense.

Keep the Legendary items as the utmost strange, powerful, and almost unachievable items that only the truly dedicated and foolhardy go after. This questline was too easy to be called a Legendary. Epic sure.

6 thoughts on “Blog status like the Drowned God

  1. Not sure why “legendary” has to infer “difficult” or even why you thought this one wasn’t (I found the later challenge fights to be appropriately challenging, I found them harder than the proving grounds gold challenges… although they may have been a bit easier than the rogue ones from Cat, or I was just better geared this time around). I thought the rogue legendary questline in Cataclysm was worthy and it was along the same lines as the cloak questline in MoP, just a lot shorter in duration, but had a similar mix of collection/performance requirements. From what I’ve seen, most of the early legendaries in the history of the game were random drops. There’s nothing “legendary” about those, they’re just based on the ability to kill a boss and get really damned lucky. Arguably the most desirable legendaries in the games are the Warglaives… which you can walk into BT today and solo for a 10% drop chance off the last boss. Getting the second one will be the bigger trick… same process, just half the odds. So, re-running weekly hoping for a drop. I’ve picked up 2 of the same one so far and haven’t gotten the second, is that really a legendary process? I couldn’t even loot the dupe (it’s unique), it just sat and rotted on the boss’s body. I’d rather be working toward a goal.

    From what I understand about other recent legendaries they weren’t too far off the current process either, although they required having your entire raid perform in some specific way (I recall the ICC one requiring doing Putricide a specific way, and the FL one having the raid go into a new area behind one of the bosses and doing an extra fight… I don’t know if the Ulduar one required anything more than collection)… to me, that’s asking a bit too much in the current game, I like that a legendary can be completed in LFR. It’s just a piece of gear, even if it does have yellow text. And yeah, I get that “just a piece of gear” doesn’t scream “legendary” either but all of the previous ones were just pieces of gear, too. They were just more RARE. That doesn’t make them more legendary.

    If I’m missing some aspect of “the utmost strange, powerful, and almost unachievable items that only the truly dedicated and foolhardy go after” (I read that as “lucky”) though, let me know… I’m more than willing to be wrong on this if there has been a more legendary path to a legendary item, I’m just not aware of it currently. And I don’t consider putting the item as a drop off an end boss in a raid that only a small fraction of the player base sees being legendary, that’s just exclusionary, so putting the legendary as a drop off Heroic Garrosh wouldn’t work for me.

  2. Luck can be a factor, and I’m fine with that. Hand of Rag and Thunderfury were very luck based. The Hammer from Ulduar was less so, and Frostmourne was far less so.
    The principal for me is that a legendary should be something that is exceedingly rare, and they are not when implemented as they are in Mists.
    Rarity and power is what the colours of items used to mean.

  3. Yeah, I guess that’s the difference, I almost never view rarity as a positive trait in an MMO (and I have plenty of brag-worthy items in-game, I’m not coming at this from a position of bitterness or neglect). By making rarity a focus, you have to exclude either based on access (make it for the top 1% only, and probably only a subset of those) or on luck (which becomes either an RNG fight or based on some nebulous “deservation” (what, I can’t just make up words? Deservation = the degree to which someone is deserving of something) metric that’s going to piss off a decent percentage of the eligible players when they aren’t selected). Or, worse, both. I’m not sure how either of those serves the game as a whole. I recently completed a questline that lasted most of a YEAR… that required me to participate in pretty much all of the available content (and bonus, only while it was current), including PvP (to my annoyance), and resulted in a really nice item that I’ll enjoy at least until the next expansion hits. Seems pretty legendary to me. Agree to disagree, I guess.

  4. To me something an item which everyone can get and a huge amount of the community has is not Legendary.
    When I think about mythical legendary items such as the Stormbringer from the Elric novels they seem to be things that are exceedingly rare. Thunderfury was like that for many years after Molten Core was old. So few people had it that it was special. Yes, it feels less so and mine is rotting in my bank just like the Hand of Rag.
    In an MMO sense you’re spot on, there is an exclusion to saying that only 0.5% of a server will see an item or event. That is bad resource management for development and potentially bad for the MMO. But that does not mean that it does not also create a hype and awe for the same reason in many of the players.
    Frankly though the Cloak does not feel special. It has a false scarcity. Qual’Delar (battered hilt) feels more legendary to me now because less people have it. That is certainly my bias based upon scarcity.
    The Mace from Ulduar certainly feels more legendary than the Hand of Rag, as it takes continued effort, luck, and dedication from a team.
    I did say too that the quest-lines and such were exceptional, it was just the colour of the item I felt they got wrong.

  5. As my last point on the subject, hypothetically, let’s say that the sigils, secrets and runestones were boss drops rather than random individual loot… basically introducing constrant and choice (who gets the first one?). Premade groups only, not LFR. Would the resulting cloaks be appropriately legendary to you? That’s basically the same model as Wrath and Cataclysm legendaries. No change except fewer people will have them solely because of an artificially constrainted resource.

    I just can’t believe that in itself is enough to make something legendary… to me, the effort and accomplishment of gettting something is what should make it legendary, not rarity. As I said, though, agree to disagree, don’t think we’re coming to a like mind on this one.

  6. I get what you’re saying about changing the drop method, or making it non-LFR but that not quite right either. They set out to create a legendary for everyone and they did that really well. Exceedingly well. I’d not say just one change like you suggest makes the item Legendary in terms of what I’m trying to get at.
    Yes it would better match the older ones, but I have to kind of agree with the designers that making a large amount of content for 0.05% of the population is a poor choice.
    I’m stuck I guess. Something about everyone wearing the cloak makes it less special. I know that should not matter to me as a player but it does.

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