Is this a Timeless Isle rort?

In the Timeless Isle there is the capacity to earn special “bloody coins” currency by adopting the mantle of Ordos and killing others. Get enough coins and there are some nifty non-combat rewards and even a cool mount for 500x of the buggers. On my PvE realm flagging like that is still a dangerous act, as many folk will take the opportunity to fight and the buff takes away a lot of your health. I imagine that on a pvp realm it is one hell of a fast and deadly activity.

I found a group of characters up on the very northern tip of the Isle who appeared to be having their own little Ordos party, where I can only assume they take turns dying and killing each other. A good idea really, but is it a rort?

To be fair they may not have been switching to kill each other for Bloody Coins. Perhaps there was some other RP activity going on, and I’d just found the new tunnel for the DeepRun Tram? I wasn’t invited to join them, and perhaps that was a good thing.

To get there I was riding over the water well beyond where any monsters or quests go, and it was very still and quite. Good on these players for finding a nook to sequester themselves. More power (and blood-coin-thingys) to them.

Mortigen finds rort
Happy Killing, TyphoonAndrew

5 thoughts on “Is this a Timeless Isle rort?

  1. I’m not sure how that would work only because when you kill someone with the Ordos buff, they get a buff that doesn’t allow them to be killed by an Ordos-affected player for 10 minutes. You’d have to have at least 8-10 players to even make it worth it, and you’d still have down time.

    Plus, only the person who gets the killing blow gets the coin, so that’d be 8 people SOL every time. When I do finally get the gumption to do it, I’m going to see if I can get a friend from a PvP server to pull me to their realm. I’ll probably die a lot, but maybe I’ll manage to get some coins.

  2. The cooldowns would make it a very slow enterprise unless they have found some way to bypass the cooldown.

    As for a being a rort, for unbalanced pve servers its been de riguer since tbc.

  3. I will freely admit that I do this – it is just about impossible to find enough people to kill for those coins! And on a PvE server.. is there any other way?

  4. I had to look up what a rort was, but it’s definitely possible they are actually just helping one person. As I said on Navi’s post if I could see her out in the world I could give her 11 free kills with all my alts. Have a couple extra people so they can use the summoning stone to get all the alts there faster and just keep relogging. The first week of the isle a group of us did that for the chest with the Burden, summoning everyone’s alts right to the chest so they wouldn’t need to worry about getting to it on lower geared characters. One person would be relogging while another got the chest so that there was always two people already at the chest to summon the next alt.

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