Late-ish into the HearthStone beta

Yehaw! Some emails are just plain exciting to get. As I download, play, and get all mushy (hopefully) about HearthStone, I’ll post follow-up. I’ll also have to read the T&Cs to see what I’m allowed to say, in case any caveats are still in place (ahem).

As a person who generally has no time for physical collect-a-card based games (like Magic TG) I am looking forward to how this game makes me feel. I’d go as far as to say I’m a collectable card game hater. I am a keen gamer though and I can see this game as real avenue where casual based play would entice players to spend real money on cards.

That is the spin for HearthStone from what I understand now, the cash you spend will get you bonuses far faster, far better decks, which in turn (I assume) gives far more leverage to the win-loss ration which I read is a key metric for rewards. A game with a pay-to-win from the outset isn’t something that I’d first accept as a casual player, bu then perhaps it make a huge difference because it is isolated and set from the get-go.

So this should be interesting. I’ll certainly have to get my ipad back, as that type of interface is very likely where I’ll do all my testing.


4 thoughts on “Late-ish into the HearthStone beta

  1. I’m intrigued as to how Hearthstone plays out, as I love MTG, but a part of me wishes this was added on as a part of WoW, collecting cards from enemies and bosses and using them a-la Final Fantasy’s Triple Triad.

    The beauty of the online card-battle system is that the more popular games like MTG require.. you know.. people.. all being there in person. A card-battle game with a WoW class focus seems right up my alley, especially when I can enjoy it in to the wee hours of the night, without having to rely on gathering my friends up in one spot.

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