Timeless Isle Pirate Ship, Goodie Bag tip

gleaming-treasure-satchelA quick tip for the folks trying to get each and every little chest and bag in WoW’s 5.4 Timeless Isle – for the Pirate Ship with the goodie bag hanging from the mast (a.k.a. the Gleaming Treasure Satchel).

If you know the bag, it is hanging way out on the end of a mast.

The trick is to run around to the rear upper deck, then jump up onto the side wall of the ship. Then mount up and use the mount’s extra jump range to jump into the middle of the mast area. Then dismount and walk out to it.

Simple. Happy Killing, TyphoonAndrew.

3 thoughts on “Timeless Isle Pirate Ship, Goodie Bag tip

  1. I watched several people do this before I attempted it myself… and I have a bad record of doing those jumps seen by kittens – the jump, but more just walk off and don’t get anywhere kind. Think my space bar does not like me. Some of my characters haven’t been onto the ship for the reason it takes me ages, and half can’t get themselves out of a wet paper bag let alone kill the mobs, plus I haven’t gotten any TI loot pieces from the bag ever. 😛

  2. I’ve not had any specials from the bag either, but its an easy grab if you can get past the mobs.

    I combine that bag with the task to kill X elite mobs, as the pirates count. Round em up in Tank mode and slowly kill them. My max seems to be around 8-9 of them before I need to use cooldowns.

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