Those who must be left behind, on purpose.

A long time ago in my guild there was a player who needed to be removed. The story around why was typical in an online game, an ego was out of check and was disruptive to many of the other guild members.

He wasn’t special, wasn’t an officer, and was certainly one of the rudest people I’d had the displeasure of talking to closely. What made is worrisome was how many months later the same person was still out in /Tradechat bad mouthing the guild, the characters involved, and still sending rude whispers. A truly enlightened bastard who appeared to get his enjoyment from the game by bothering others.

Recently in the guild we also had to tell a few people tone it back. They did, and everything seems to be ticking along without issues now. When the Officers and I were talking through the situation with the recent guys the enlightened bastard’s character name came up as a point of reference. The recent guys were not even close to the E.B in the long past, but EB is still out there playing.

It got me thinking… about not wanting to ever see the EB again. Not under any circumstances.

Now my ignore list solves that problem for me, but I also have a responsibility to my guild. I think MMO games like World of Warcraft could do with a Guild based parma-ban feature.

When set the PLAYER’s account is stopped from being a member of that guild. This stops somebody from alt switching, it makes removing somebody who is really vitriolic easy, and means the other guild members who might have invite ability will not and cannot be pressured into letting the person rejoin.

Block them permanently. Anyway, just a thought.



3 thoughts on “Those who must be left behind, on purpose.

  1. Yes! Back when we were GM of a guild we had a troll who kept leveling toons and trying to cycle them through the guild to cause problems and mess with the bank. I was able to catch some of them before letting them in guild but some managed to get through and cause problems

  2. As someone who has been a guild leader, raid leader, an officer or a class leader for most of my WoW tenure, I would love this feature. In a game like WoW, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. You bring in that one person who eventually shows their true colors and BAM! Instant-prick.

    I had an issue like this earlier in the recruiting stages of MOP. We were looking for tanks and brought in an undergeared Prot Warrior who seemed eager to get gear and assist with helping out the alts of the core group. One day he saw two of us running Deadmines on lowbie alts and asked if he could bring his Warlock alt. I told him that we were still in the middle of the dungeon and that we were leveling with triple XP through RAF, so by the time we got out of there we were 21 to his level 15. He was living, dropping F-bombs about how was he supposed to level when the guild didn’t even want to bring him along, etc., and eventually /gquit, taking it to trade chat to trash our guild.

    It would have been something to care about had the trade chat trolls not torn him apart for being undergeared and, apparently, notorious for doing something stupid in a Sha group. That was Karma, I guess?

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