Garrosh Hellscream still wins, kind of.

At the end of the Siege of Orgrimmar the heroes of the story will have defeated Garrosh, and stopped his plans to use Sha powers to rule Azeroth. That is the expected outcome of the patch content. There is also some question on who the new Warchief of the Horde will be. I won’t spoil that for you.

I will spoil part of the story, as it is a part which I dislike. You have been warned if you read on.


The disappointing part of the story is the response from the Alliance at the outcome of defeating Garrosh. The Human King has won, and the Horde is significantly weaker due to it’s old Warchief being corrupted and destroying his own people and fighting the Alliance. You’d think the Horde’s population would be reduced by the split and killing.

Jana demands that the King take advantage of this, the Prince advises caution. At the very end of the cut-scene video the King demands to speak to the Horde, the new Warchief steps forward and we get to hear how a true Alliance King will lead his people…

… the King says some crappy line which amounts to “lets put this all behind us, and carry on”. It is a total non-event. Basically if the Horde don’t do naughty-stuff again the King won’t attack them. Oh, but he does threaten the Horde leader to be wary if they step out of line again; again; or again. Apparently the previous times they have done that recently is still not enough to warrant true anger.

What the hell!

No penalty. No treaty. No return of lands lost. No sacking of the city. No carrying off wealth (slaughter the horses and ride off on the women). No killing of the other Horde in the room and finish the Horde leadership for good? Nothing.

The Horde have years of history of destroying or taking Alliance territory across both continents and the Alliance King’s response to the Horde is “don’t do it again”! The Horde did this under Thrall, under Garrosh, and will continue to do this under the new guy; but the Alliance King won’t take a final step. It is total bullshit.

Theremore, Lorderon, Silverpine, and countless other sites across the worlds and this “pussy king” behaves like a total gutless wonder. Look at any area in the lore where the Horde are not living in tents or buildings with tusks and pigs and that is probably once Alliance territory.

Oh, and don’t forget when the forsaken unleashed that deadly plague in Wrath and we had to raid the Undercity to kill the baddies. What happened afterward? The Alliance walked away from a city. A city that was once ours.

Oh, Northwatch Hold. Gone too. But that place had bad acoustics.

How do we rationalise the fact that PvP battles still happen every day for contested areas? Are we not still at war?

The Horde was not as big a problem as the Sha or the Cataclysm, but that does not mean that the Alliance should role over AGAIN and let the horde AGAIN get away with anything. For pity’s sake.

It made me consider not even playing the raid content in 5.4 knowing the outcome is such a piss-poor, washed out, and disgracefully weak response. If I could change to Horde and play I’d do so (I cannot due to my Guild), as the Alliance leaders are gutless wonders who have no idea how to retain their lands or protect their people. It makes no sense. It makes less sense that the theme of Garrosh bombing Theramore, which is saying something.

So despite all he did and even his own trial at the hands of the Pandaren – Garrosh wins. His campaign to defeat the Alliance was almost a total success. The horde lost many things from Garrosh being Warchief, but they chose that leader. Thrall is in the cut-scene at the end of the battle, and he speaks plainly about how poor Garrosh’s actions were. He makes no move to compensate the Horde, the Pandaren, or the Alliance.

So all hail Varian Wrynn, the Wimpy Pussy King. Wrynn cannot have been a gladiator, he’s not able to be tough enough. I can accept he might have been a willing pleasure slave for the pit cleaning crew, but he’s no war leader.

The stupid running gag Dwarf Kings are a better choice than Wrynn for the Alliance. At least one of the “Keystone-Cops” style fools might get drunk enough to accidentally kill a member of the Horde. It seems Wrynn has no blood for it anymore.

And Thrall, the worst judge of character of any leader since Nefarion sat on the Alliance high councils. Take some responsibility Thrall, or leave. This half leader garbage is getting old very fast.

And the new Warchief, who appears to just be the last idiot standing, who still defers his leadership to Thrall even after he has abandoned the title.

I hope you enjoy it more than I did when seeing it, and I hope I end up being wrong.


5 thoughts on “Garrosh Hellscream still wins, kind of.

  1. Yeah, as soon as they announced that the final raid would be in Orgrimmar to kill Garrosh, I wondered how they were going to get out of this ridiculous situation where the Alliance successfully invade the Horde capital and then just leave. Turns out that’s pretty much exactly what they do. IMO, they should have taken the chance to get rid of all the faction BS for good.

  2. And this is why we had the spate of “gameplay trumps lore” posts and tweets from Blizzard leading up to the patch drop. They know as well as we do that this is the most ridiculous ending possible. Ignore that Jaina is still just a caricature – the vengeful, bloody woman instead of the weak, pacific woman – the overall attempt at lore is stupid.

    The High King of the Alliance decides that there are no reparations for the Alliance blood spilled in the latest attempt at global destruction wrought by the Horde. He’s going to be the “Good King” and turn the other cheek. Unfortunately, even his incredulous threat to the Horde rings hollow as soon as he makes the statement as standing just off to the side is Sylvanas, who is still actively consorting with creatures that raise the dead and has a very healthy biological and chemical weapons program. Notice also that the final cut-scene in Pandaria features the insufferable Pandarians and the Horde, I didn’t see any Alliance anywhere.

    .I seem to recall that Blizzard told Alliance players that we would be happy with the end of this expansion. There must be more to come because we aren’t there yet.

  3. I respect that they cannot remove the factions without a major upheaval. Leaving without a concession? Its hollow,

    I hope I see more side impacts which might make this easier to swallow.

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