Third 90 and more to come I suspect

My Druid ding’ed 90 in WoW last week, which makes a tally of three level ninety characters: a Death Knight, a Warrior, and a Druid.

Next will be my slowly leveling Shaman who is now level 71 (the toon in the top left if the image below) and a long time lost Shadow Priest who is level 82 (bottom left character).

In my character list I also have a handful of 85s and then each class smattered down to a lowbie Monk at level 13. I do not really want to repeat the 85-90 grind so many more times, but the leveling path in Pandaria is so fixed there is little choice. Perhaps I could level by only queuing in Dungeons and just farm my way through the Pandaria starting area for materials to sell. That will only be moderately dull as well but will ensure my lowbies have the ability to increase their professions.

The Wrath of the Lich King content on the baby Shaman is sensational by comparison to 4x more Pandaria zones and a Cataclysm story.

Mortigen, Raze, nagarj, Arkham, Aurac and Yeirah head shots

If I cannot raid regularly in 5.4 due to work & life, then I might as well start working on these alts. Getting through the levels is something I can do whilst also being interrupted, and it is not “hard” content to do.

The Warlock green fire is appealing and perhaps that alone is enough for my 85 Warlock to get dusted off. I’ve read that the last part of the Warlock green-fire questline is a real challenge and that really appeals. Getting green fire not so much, but a class specific questline, oh yeah – bring it on.

There is also an opportunity to have a few 90s for when the holiday special events roll around for Hallow’s End or Brewfest and such, where a beginning 90 can get a nice ring or trinket. Having three Tank classes in those events has always been an advantage.

My characters are now:

  • Mortigen – (Main) 90 Draenei Death Knight, I raid as a Dps in main spec and often switch to Tank when needed. 2-H-Frost/Blood with Mining / Blacksmith at 600/600
  • Diamon – 85 Human Paladin, Protection spec. Engineer/Miner at 600/525
  • Raze – 90 Warrior, Tank and Arms spec. Herbalist / Miner
  • Arkham– 85 Human Warlock, Demo spec. Enchanter/Tailor at 600/600
  • Quendalon – 90 Night Elf Druid, Feral spec. Skinner/Leatherworker 590/585
  • Agmundur – 85 Hunter, Beastmaster spec
  • Yeirah – 82 Human Priest, Shadow spec. Alchemist/Herbalist 525/480
  • Aurac – 51 Draenei Mage, Frost spec. Enchanter at 230-ish
  • Nagarj – 71 Draenei Shaman
  • Inimical – 51 Night Elf Rogue
  • Tetsuo – 13 Pandaren Monk, I wish the Pandaren character models were better.

Happy Killing, TyphoonAndrew