5 or 10 levels in the next expansion?

It is seriously weird that it might be a contentious discussion about
how many levels are in the next expansion.

  • If its 5 levels then apparently that feels slower. More of a grind.
  • If its 10 levels then that feels like you’re getting more reward or making better progress.

Dah, what? Logically it’s about the time spent not the numerical
values. 20 hours of game-play split 10 or 5 ways should not really make
a huge deal.

The talents, rewards, items, quest difficulty should not be so
lopsided that it could be breaking if either choice was made.

If you’re in the 5s camp then perhaps we need a mod that fakes the
Ding and Grats animation to allow the trained reward response to feel
more like the 10s.

Perhaps even a mini-Ding per 10 quests completed, each which
reiterates a power you’ve recently learnt just in case you’re ignoring
that recent new talent or power up.

Ding. Whoosh. Ding. Grats. Wheeee.

But perhaps there is a point or two to be made…

Scaling between different level characters had tended to rely on
levels are a lever for advantage. So if there are more breakpoint a
between current and future max level then the impact of that gap can
be spread across more points.

Your level 91 in a 100 max has less of the gap built in to it than a
91 in a 95 max.

It also may affect the gear scaling as the levels build up. 10 levels
allows for a more granular range of item levels. I’m not sure if that
is desired or not. Might be that another item level crunch helps
smooth the curve of itemisation.

Lastly it might affect the quest Gray effect. A normal challenge at
level 99 is probably yellow, where a level 90 or 91 is gray or green
at best.

I’ve seen the new heirlooms used as the basis for the expansion having 10 levels. That ignores the fact that the heirlooms are on PTR and that they might not last two expansions. I have a huge number of heirlooms which cover base game plus many expansions already, why not more.

Happy Killing, TyphoonAndrew

6 thoughts on “5 or 10 levels in the next expansion?

  1. The main issue I have with 5 levels instead of 10 is that quests from the previous expansion are still high-enough level to show up on mobs, command boards, etc. I find it annoying that I have to take &/or do those quests to get rid of the indicators. The difference between the two level ranges is technically just in the increments, your character would have the same stats at 95 or 100, but the game would treat your 100 character as being 10 levels above your current character rather than 5. If the game actually counted those 5 levels as being twice as important as an expansion offering 10, I wouldn’t care, I’d just like previous-expansion quests to be “low level” when I’m at level cap for the next expansion. Otherwise, it’s just a constant reminder that we only got 5 levels, not 10.

  2. “Logically it’s about the time spent not the numerical
    values. 20 hours of game-play split 10 or 5 ways should not really make
    a huge deal.”

    Well then one level at 20 hours long shouldn’t make any difference either, no? But I think we all know it would.

    Having said that, I think the next expansion should have no levels and just have new zones with questlines that reward starter gear for the next raids. This would also leave more of those zones as relevant content for future updates/additions. Whether it would work with current levels of gear dependency, I don’t know.

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  4. If the expac has no levels then the alts coming through will play straight into the new zones, skipping the Panda content. Not sure Blizzard would like that in terms of hours required.

  5. That quest alert indicator could be fixed a few ways which don’t have to do with a straight level comparison. Turn off by expansion, or by type in the menus?

  6. R since I am slowly doing loremaster for the 2nd time, I think I have had show low level quests enabled for the last 4-5 years. My alts are a sea of quest points which I have no problems ignoring.

    Personally 5 or 10 makes no difference to me. Apart from perhaps that my JC is slowly creeping towards 87 on level 80 JC dailies. The instant small gratification things tend to wear out after a while as well. We you see a neat looking mount and then realise actually you have it you just have not used it for a couple years, well. Their are only so many mounts and pets and achievement points you can earn before it difficult to care about the next.

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