I’d back a MOO2 clone in a heartbeat

BioBreak blog reminded me today how much I loved the PC game Master of Orion 2. By today’s games it is a contradiction to all the features that generate buzz:

  • single player
  • turn based
  • fully offline
  • no time limits
  • still images, or sprite graphics

Why was it so good? Well for a start it supplied a backdrop for my mind to fill in the story.

This was a game focused on the mechanics of managing a space empire, but did not add much fluff. There was no real backstory as to why things were plausible or happening, they just were. It was also a simple time in games, where a good set of interfaces made the game sing. Easy mode was interesting and easy, the hardest mode was unforgiving and virtually impossible. I liked that too.

I know without question that I’d back a good MOO2 clone or variation on Kickstarter in a heartbeat. I’m looking at MORE, StarBase, OpenMOO2, and a few others as potential replacements for the desire to run some good space empire fun, but as yet they are not around for play for me as a stand alone PC user (for a range of reasons).

A game called Horizon is out recently on Steam and I’ll be looking at it soon.