The Legendary catch-up in p5.4

A note from a little while ago indicates that there will be a Legendary catch-up coming in Patch 5.4. This is good and bad, and the divide in opinion seems very polar.

Good for those who are interested in getting the item, and who struggled to keep up. Great for new 90s, or for players with Alts. Incredible for them. I know many players personally who will frigg’n love the fact that they won’t be returning to old content just for the quest drops.


Bad for players who wished this Legendary to be as unique as the others. They want it to be hard. As a direct comment in the post says:

So basically what this means is, those of us that keep up with the chain as parts are introduced are wasting time that could be used to do other things, because all we have to do is wait a patch or 2 and we can make up months of ¬†grinding in a cpl weeks… Cut the shit!!! IT’S A LEGENDARY, not every hockey helmet that pays $15/mo is entitled to it just because they pay for game time… This is something thats supposed to be exclusive, treat it as such and keep it harder to aquire then getting a new heartstone…

Overall if it were my choice I’d have said no to the concept, but the actual mechanic in this case still requires significant grinding, and will not make that much of a difference in terms of time investment. Sure, it took me 3+ months of hard work to get here, but that is ok when the hard work is still needed. This is less of a nurf to effort than when the Valor points were dropped.

So I think Blizzard have done a good job of allowing players to raid (what will be) the current content, but also slowly gain ground on the quest chain. The drop rate seems to be the same, the kill rate, etc all should leave the player doing the same activity, just in a harder and current raid. Once the Legendary was presented as an Orange-Toy-for-Everyone this type of grand fest was really the only course of action.

Happy killing.


3 thoughts on “The Legendary catch-up in p5.4

  1. It’s so bizarre that on the one hand angry raiders like the one quoted above will go out of their way to insist that no one who isn’t on the bleeding edge deserves anything and on the other hand opine the fact that they are “forced” to do things like flex raiding to give themselves any edge.

    If you feel like it’s a priority to “keep up with the chain as parts are introduced” then enjoy the extra benefits you got from getting that gear early. I don’t understand why so many WoW players define their success in terms of what other people don’t have, rather than in terms of what they have; be that experiences or items or whatever.

    I played WoW a long time ago so I had to wait til 40 to get a mount and I had to pay (I don’t remember) like 100 gold for it when 100 gold was hard to get. Does that give me the right to complain about anyone who bought a mount at 30 for 5 gp?

  2. Agree totally, hard 7 years ago is irrelevant now. Not like the Warlocks and paladins were not gifted mounts in the early days too – somehow the hardcore players accepted that. Perhaps we are suffering as more people are more vocal now.

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