AFK while real life rides me like a cheap carnival horse


You know how happy those kids look when they’re bouncing away on the merry-go-round horses? Jumping, screaming, drooling, and yelling in excited glee as the poor inanimate horse-seat just goes around in circles…

.. I’m that horse at the moment. Real life distractions are keeping me well out of game to the point where I’ve not capped on valor (hateful), not collecting coins for extra rolls (dastardly), and even not finding time to DE my junky green loot (lazy sod).


So with a dearth of activity comes an absence of posts.The guild continues to progress in Heroic modes, and the members seem to be getting along famously well. It is pleasing to watch from this side of the monitor. With patch 5.4 dropping later rather than sooner it helps us, especially if it drops in mid September (my total guess) rather than late August.

There will be more soon, as the merry go around is scheduled to end after August, and I’ll be unshackling myself from the merry-go-round and launching into the game.