Have you noticed the gap?

I noted when running around after work on Tuesday night that the buff for extra Valor was still on my character, yet the cap had been refreshed back to 0/1000.

Like a good little grinder I’d almost finished farming my 150×4 of the bloody barrens boring grind-fest, so I got my last 35 oil, and parked at the quest giver.The ugly troll gave me the quest as expected.

Unexpectedly turning in the quest got me 300 Valor not 200. The What? +50% Cool!

Apparently it also works on the Isle of Thunder and disappears if you change zones or change maps. Yes it appears a bug, and likely unintended. I can’t say I’ll panic and plan to do this just for an extra 100 Valor each week, but it was a surprise.


1 thought on “Have you noticed the gap?

  1. Yeah, that’s been around a while – people used to do the Golden Lotus dailies with them, though it was a pretty minor bonus. Using it for Battlefield: Barrens is actually an extremely good use of it – the catch is that doing Heroic Scenarios without the buff is still far better than doing Battlefield: Barrens with the buff, sadly, in time of valor per minute.

    More like “If you want to do Battlefield: Barrens ANYWAY, take advantage of this.”

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