Achievement Spam screenshots

If nothing else, getting achievements means I am doing something sort of productive in wow. Not majorly productive – like gearing, or getting a something really rare; but I am getting somewhere.



2 thoughts on “Achievement Spam screenshots

  1. Grats on the achievements! Hmm, I seem to have a post on my feed that doesn’t exist… what happened to it Andrew?

  2. Heya Navimie, it was a rant about an ex-blizzard dev who had taken it upon himself to say how tired and boring MMOs are now, and imply that they were different in his early days with Blizzard and that his new game was so great. Total bullshit, but I couldn’t bring myself to write such a nasty post, so it had to be deleted.
    The back in my day thinking deserves to be ignored, not cross-linked.

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