Pandaria Gathering Achievements

There are a set of gathering achievements in Pandaria which are based upon finding low and high quality items which appear randomly throughout the zones. These are generally the domain of the folks who love achievements like “The Loremaster”, which is to date one of the best titles I think there is in the game and which is also actually achievable without a world ending amount of hard grinding. These collection set is Bounty of Pandaria, Finders Keepers, Lost and Found, One Man’s Trash, Riches of Pandaria, and finally Is Another Man’s Treasure (wowhead has a good guide on this). The end goal for all of them is the in-game title “the Relic Hunter“. Another great title, more so because I think the number of players who have it will be rare (around 5%) but also because it demonstrates that the player is dedicated and probably slightly insane.

As of this post I have all those achievements done except “Is Another Man’s Treasure”, which requires the player to find 20x of the special BoA or exceedingly rare items which spawn randomly in the game world. At the moment I am up to 18 of 20 items. So close, which makes it frustrating and rewarding when I get each of the last ones.

Aside – I almost never actually do this type of completionist / gathering / farming / achievement stuff, but I love this type of thing when it gives quasi-tangible rewards. In this case a title, the gold from the low quality items, and the Bind to Account items from the good rares.I am going to pass the BoA items down to my alts, and also hang onto some of them on my Death Knight main as they are actually still oddly and slightly handy.

It feels like this set of “quest chains” were well designed and have tangible rewards directly related to the effort.

There are approx 5-7 more items I could find to get up to the 20 rares found which are needed, but they are the rare of the rare, and often very highly desired. That means farmers, campers, and lots of competition all the time. Even in the short time I’ve been watching some of them I’ve seen regular character also flying past in patterns very similar to mine.

On two occasions I got to an item with a few seconds of somebody arriving, and in one case was beaten to an item by the skin of my teeth.

I am enjoying the challenge immensely.

I am also considering trying to get more than one of some items on my account by farming them with alts as well. The Mining Pick is an example where it gives a +10 to mining skill when carried.

A character wielding two rare weapons might be a tad selfish for all the other Relic Hunters, and a character with two of the same rare can look darn good. A great RP set should try to make others jealous.

Happy Hunting, TyphoonAndrew

Screenshots of the achievements are below…

achieve-gathering-BountyOfPandaria achieve-gathering-FindersKeepers achieve-gathering-LostAndFound achieve-gathering-OneManstrash achieve-gathering-RichesOfPandaria

5 thoughts on “Pandaria Gathering Achievements

  1. “but also because it demonstrates that the player is dedicated and probably slightly insane”

    I love doing achievements, it’s one of the reasons I’m still playing WoW. I completed ‘Another Man’s Treasure’ last week, and it didn’t take me very long; probably 2 weeks at the most from the first treasure I picked up. I think if you had to collect all of the items it would be somewhat harder; certainly the Ghostly Pandaren Fisherman/Woodcutter I have never seen, nor the cloth chest thingy from the Sprite’s cave and the Kafa Press. It does help having a stealth class for some of them, as you don’t have to fight your way there, but I didn’t think this was a difficult achievement, and I do play on a ‘Full’ realm, too.

    Currently I’m doing ‘Glorious’, which is killing the approx 50 rares scattered around Pandaria – 4 to go. These spawn a lot, lot quicker than the ones from BC and Wrath do, so you don’t have to wait 9-12 hours for them to respawn.

    What I’m finding a grind at the moment is collecting Wrathion’s Secrets from the Throne of Thunder raid; only 3/20 after 2 weeks of running LFR. I feel more insane doing that than I did looking for the lost treasures.

  2. I really hope that the next stage of Wrathion’s quests goes faster than the 20x thingys. And kudos on going for Glorious, that is not an easy one.

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