Loot Bragging from a while ago

I love and hate the loot system, and have days where it seems to be raining epics, and then weeks where I get nothing useful. I was going to pop another rant about how much it could be “fixed”, but instead here are a few screenshots of where I’ve made out OK.

Yeah you read that right. One shot the bosses and 3 bits of gear. Now granted a few I can’t use or already have, but three in one run is still lopsided in a great way.


And then who doesn’t like getting 50,000 valor points. I’d prefer 7x more Secrets of the Empire, but hey – have to keep running on that treadmill.


3 thoughts on “Loot Bragging from a while ago

  1. I see you are on the secrets.. I am on the next stage of the quest where you collect other arbitrary thingos that only drop on the last six bosses of the instance… and have a lower drop rate it seems. After three weeks on that quest, I have 3/12. /yawn

  2. The old system was best, even taking offspecs needing on items, ninjas and guildies passing loot into consideration I had more loot in Dragonsoul and was able to gear an alt there. The old system was only better if you were working together with others. Back then it was 4 items for 25 people, which on average gives you a 16% chance of winning something. The new system has a flat 16% chance.If you take into consideration other players working together or just rolling to DE items, then you chances in the old system fall below 16%.So saying the old system was more profitable is statistically false. You were just lucky back then or worked with others.

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