snort … Armored Bloodywing mount

Now I have to snort. The ABW is so popular that folks purchasing are having issues, and need to retry the redemption code again and again. Snort!


How do I know this as fact? Well I’m one of those folks who bought one and can’t redeem it. Give the designers who created it a bonus Blizzard, it is great work. Perhaps also look to see how to redeem the redemption system too.

I want it now. TyphoonAndrew

drool … Armored Bloodwing mount

What a nice evil looking Bat! The new store purchasable mount is god damned evil looking, and a pleasure to behold. Blizzard store link for those who can’t wait and have $25 they can spend without regard for charity or child support.

armored bloodwing from MMO Champion screenshot

I want this mount.

Ref from MMO Champion: Armored Bloodwing – Items – World of Warcraft. Video after the break. Continue reading