Have we lost Titan? End of days…

I both loathe and desire the Blizzard fan-base, as they make threads like this – where Titan is announced as delayed…(snarky-warning)

“only reason i got bizzcon tickets was to see titan info. guess its time to double the price and ebay em, really a shame”

You paid a huge amount of cash to attend the hopeful launch of a game which we know almost nothing about.

I need to find a way to sell a slowly expiring product to you, where I tell you that product is always updated to be cutting edge.

“Look at where they say they’re sending their devs. WoW – In the middle of a disastrous subscriber decline, one of the largest they’ve ever had.”

They are sending their devs to work on a product that currently makes a large amount of money. Opposed to sending the devs to work on a project which is making nothing, and needs to be reset.

Are you suggesting that they do the opposite? Remove all devs from the current revenue stream so it ends faster. That’ll fund Titan really well.

“Dark days ahead for Blizzard.. ouch. Wonder how Blizz stock will react. Blizzcon just got very boring. Enjoy your expansion reveals lol.”

I wish I made 8 million players worth of US$15 per month.  I could live through many dark days such as that somehow.

The Wrath expansion launch was the best I’ve seen across any game. Burning Crusade and Pandaria as seconds, and yet Blizzcon will be boring? I think you need to try another vendor and see what colour the grass is.

It just goes on and on, its great.

Via: MMO-Champion – Titan project “reset”, delayed until 2016.