Piss off Perfect World, your sales spam sucks

Perfect World, the trickster parent company behind a few MMO games that I have looked into (most recently Neverwinter) are offering a 15% discount on a store purchase.


Geez thanks. I can spend money to play your essentially free game. In the case of Neverwinter I’ve barely moved beyond the starting beach and you’ve already got offers for my wallet. Sheesh.

Piss off Perfect World. I hate getting “offers” like this in email and I am slightly obsessive about avoiding this junk. My SWToR account email regularly gets special offers from those folks, despite the fact I have not logged on for other six months. Maybe you’re just trying to make a fair dollar, and it is certainly plausible to offer, but it stinks to me. My inbox is not a place I want borderline spam for games that are dead to me.

I intend Free-to-Play to be free.

If the game cannot be played at a reasonable level without “investing” then I’ll probably avoid it. On a further snarky note – if I can buy Zen, can I also buy happiness, or love? Or Anger. What were the other Sha names? Silly name for a virtual currency. Oh, unless it is meant to indicate that you’re spending real money on something intangible, then it is spot on. I don’t think that is what they are going for.

Not that I mind paying for good things, as I pay for Warcraft; but because the game itself is worth paying for. Would I pay $15 a month after leaving WoW in a F2P game? probably not mainly because most of the F2P games do not have the breadth of experience  and scope which WoW has. WoW has a range of issues, but it is a very large, and very feature rich game. If another vendor wants that $15 a month then they need to supply an equivalent product.

So far I’ve not seen anything which is “perfect” about Neverwinter. The graphics engine runs like a dog on my PC, and the interface OK but not sensational. For free I’ll keep pottering with Neverwinter. I will not be spending Zen on anything within it until I have stopped playing World of Warcraft, and also hooked fully into it. One type of drug at a time too please. The StarTrek game was a dismal mess of junk and hubris which I was glad to avoid, and Torchlight was entertaining but I was getting Diablo for “almost-free” with a subscription to WoW. Clever move by ActiBlizz as that annual pass kept them in beer and cookies for a very long time.

In fact I’d go as far to say that everything I’ve seen recently is just more of the same, and I’m already playing one game less that I’d like and am happy with the cost. Just like when that pirates game arrived (forgotten the name). I looked, was interested, and then it came up with a too short a product offering so I looked elsewhere.

The best feature that Perfect World offered in that email was a “one click remove” link which removed me from all future offers.

Love that! A darn good feature right there.They got that dead right and kudos for them for doing it. I respect a company which lets folks opt out.

Grumbly TyphoonAndrew

2 thoughts on “Piss off Perfect World, your sales spam sucks

  1. I have to agree with you, one drug at a time please. I’ve spent some time away from MMO’s due to burn out. Tried my hand some other games but found myself wanting more. Star Trek in my view is dismal, GW2 which raises the stakes in terms of graphics has a number of annoying elements to it. I’ll be coming back to wow again as it’s a bit like a first love, just can’t get rid that feeling.

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